DOD Assistant Secretary For Readiness More Concerned About Appeasing Gender Confused

It’s no wonder Biden and so many others seem intent on getting the US into a nuclear war: our actual military readiness is in the toilet

DoD’s highest-ranking trans official: ‘Ostracizing anybody’ will hurt military readiness

Shawn Skelly was a Navy commander working to help fend off roadside bomb attacks when she came to a realization about herself — one that meant her career in the military was over.

It was 2006, and “don’t ask, don’t tell,” which permitted gay and lesbian Americans to serve in the military as long as they kept their sexual identity under wraps, was still in effect. Skelly had identified as a man up until that point and — now that she felt she could no longer do so — decided to retire from military service as soon as possible. (snip)

Now she’s back at the Pentagon, this time as a civilian. As assistant secretary of defense for readiness, Skelly oversees military preparedness for warfighting, including training programs, equipment safety and munitions supplies.

And Skelly has a message for Republicans accusing the Department of Defense of promoting diversity and inclusion in the armed forces at the expense of military readiness: their campaign is what’s hurting the military’s warfighting capabilities.

In case you missed it, she’s actually a he. There is no “identifying”: you’re either biologically male or biologically female (with a few outliers, of course). Skelly is a dude with mental illness, and is part of the command for readiness.

“If you want to be ready, then you have to ensure that everybody that is in your force can be their best selves and contribute as a member of a team and be seen as valuable,” said Skelly, speaking at the Pentagon in her first in-depth interview since taking the job in 2021.

Nothing better than having people in the military who have a higher rate of mental health issues, suicidal thoughts, and attempted suicide, and having them around military grade weapons. And genuflecting to them. Elevating them while minimizing people who are there to fight, rather than trying to get the military to pay for their gender confused medical procedures. And equally wacked having one of the people in charge of readiness wooing the wackos.

It’s part of a larger push by some Republican lawmakers who argue that personnel policies like diversity trainings, racial justice education and events like a recent drag show on a military base alienate some potential recruits and distract from the forces’ main mission: fighting wars and protecting the homefront.

“When I talk to people and say, ‘Well, why aren’t you looking to join the military?’ A lot of them say, ‘Well, the military has been over-politicized. Well, the military has gone woke,’ said Rep. Cory Mills (R-Fla.) during a March 9 hearing with the military’s senior enlisted leadership. “We’re saying that this new focus, this new shift, this new kind of woke ideology is not impacting recruitment and not impacting our readiness and lethality? I have a hard time believing that.”

It’s mostly not leftists joining the military, but, patriotic Republican voters. Or, at least, it used to be, because all four branches are missing their recruiting goals, and having trouble retaining existing members. So is the Coast Guard. And 31 states missed their National Guard goals. The people who love this nation are not going to join a military who’s leadership hates them. Especially with mentally ill people at the top.

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9 Responses to “DOD Assistant Secretary For Readiness More Concerned About Appeasing Gender Confused”

  1. H says:

    The right-wing also told us that Hitler’s land grabs should be accepted. Appease ment did NOT prevent our involvement in WW 2
    Conservatives told us that what Hitler was doing to the Jews was no business of ours. That is ONE reason American Jews vote 80% Democratic.
    “It is none of my business” is that what you would say if you saw children being beaten or raped? Ate you do self centered and narcissist that you have no empathy for others?

  2. Elwood P. Dowd says:


    There is no “identifying”: you’re either biologically male or biologically female (with a few outliers*, of course).

    How does Mr Teach differentiate the ‘few outliers’ from the ‘gender confused’?

    In the U.S., thousands of babies are born each year with anatomically ambiguous genitalia and physicians (aka demigods) often identify for them, making little ‘girls’ or little ‘boys’. Additionally, it is unknown how many babies have physiologically relevant changes in hormones and gene expressions in utero that make them psychologically different than their external anatomy.

    Do conservatives agree that surgeons ‘fixing’ ambiguous genitalia in babies should be stopped?

    *This is progress in Mr Teach’s previous all-or-none thinking. We know, we know… it’s easier to think of every issue as a dichotomy: black/white, up/down, boy/girl, good/bad, etc.

  3. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    BTW, Mr Teach once again doubts the effectiveness of the United States military because people he finds disgusting are allowed to serve.

    It’s dangerous when conservatives denigrate our military just because Blacks, women, immigrants and LGBTQ persons are allowed to serve their country.

    Don’t let your bigotry intrude on our defense. This too shall pass.

  4. H says:

    Teach what ess your own personal reason for not joining the military?
    75% can’t join because they are obese drug history or arrests.
    They also know that vets especially cc I’m at be it’s he s be e higher rates of divorce substance abuse PTSD. The training most receive is good only to become a mall security guard or janitor. After selecting only from the top20%, they end up worse than the average population in many social statistics.
    But probably what turns young people away from the military is looking back at our history and seeing how stupid our ears have been. Wars that yku cheerleader for. Wars that the left opposed. Is the US military a healthy career choice?

  5. Jl says:

    Again brings up the Babylon Bee: “American’s who can’t afford to put food on the table are grateful to have the most diverse administration in history…”
    But always a good idea to knowingly hire the mentally ill to defend your country just to fill a square..

  6. Professor Hale says:

    Mr. Skelly has a history of LGBT activism which is what got him appointments in both the Obama and Biden administrations. It is expected that an activist to use their government position to continue their activism. There are thousands of such jobs in the government and nothing to distinguish potential candidates other than political connections.

  7. L'Roy White says:

    It’s dangerous when conservatives denigrate our military just because Blacks, women, immigrants and LGBTQ persons are allowed to serve their country.

    Is that why you think conservatives denigrate the military? You pawn yourself off as being so intelligent yet completely miss so many obvious things and then just make up your own. Leftists like you who have traditionally loathed the military are suddenly supporters and have become war hawks. How’s that? Why?

    We are not denigrating the military, the military is denigrating itself with un American training like CRT and LGBTQBamn+++bull shit. The commies have our military more interested in gay rights, paying for abortions and trans operations (then back again) and promoting white hatred via black victimization. They are ‘training” soldiers to be leftists not Americans.

    BTW, Mr Teach once again doubts the effectiveness of the United States military because people he finds disgusting are allowed to serve.

    Really? When did he say that? Why do you leftists find it necessary to lie about people just because you disagree with them?

    Funny how you never have any positive input just insults and nasty comments. Funny too how you never say how much you love America and Americans or how you support our country. You only bitch about others who actually do.

    • Elwood P. Dowd says:

      You sure typed a lot of words to say very little. You can’t love America while hating Democrats, Blacks, women, Jews, Muslims, agnostics/atheists, LGBTQ persons, immigrants etc. I’m not responsible for your feelings.

      I support Ukraine defending itself against Russian aggression. It wouldn’t make any sense to either support or oppose EVERY case of military action, would it? I opposed the Iraq invasion and Vietnam. The invasion of Afghanistan was justified as an attempt to eliminate terrorists. I supported, but lukewarm on
      Gulf War I (Iraq invasion of Kuwait). Anyway, U.S. troops are not involved in the fighting in Ukraine.

      YOU do attack our military as being too interested in civil rights. Connies made the same arguments regarding Blacks, women and gays in the military. Now you make the same argument because you find the transgendered sick and disgusting.

      Has the U.S. military let you down somehow (other than by enabling equal rights to those you consider disgusting)?

      I support America and love the American peoples. Even with our ups and downs America is amongst the greatest of nations ever, founded on the ideals that all men (and women) are created equal. Freedom, justice, equality, tempered with our national compassion and strength… not too shabby.

      The minority, authoritarian nuCon movement IS a threat to the nation. Besides being dominated by intellectually incurious and immoral individuals (Trump, Taylor-Greene, Ron Johnson, Boebert, Gaetz, Jim Jordan, Gosar, Tucker, Sean, Alex Jones etc), the minions are easily led around by their reptilian id.

  8. Jl says:

    “Made the same arguments regarding blacks, women and gays in the military. Now the same argument with the transgendered…”.
    Yes, and that argument is to hire based on alleged competency for the job, not to fill a diversity square. The horror……

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