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Top Bank Execs Tell Rashida Tlaib She’s Nuts Regarding Climate Doom

They missed a great opportunity to ask Tlaib if she’s stopped using fossil fuels herself. Perhaps it’s just me, but, when someone starts yammering about climate doom that’s the first question I ask them Top bank CEOs decline radical climate demands from Rep. Tlaib: ‘That would be the road to Hell for America’ Leaders in […]

If All You See…

…is a scary looking sky from carbon pollution, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Legal Insurrection, with a post on the Martha’s Vineyard’s Citizens For Sanity ad. Progressive or parody?

Time: Shipping Migrants To Sanctuary Cities Is An Attack On The Constitution Or Something

Well, this is a new one. There have plenty of attacks on DeSantis and Abbott, even accusing them of trafficking, as you well know. Now we have attacking the Constitution Republican Governors Shipping Migrants Around the Country Is a Disturbing Attack on the Constitution (Multiple paragraphs about the shipping of the illegals/migrants, all of which […]

LA Times: Americans Don’t Care About Climate Doom Or Something

This has given LA Times columnist Nicholas Goldberg a big sad Nicholas Goldberg: Americans don’t care about climate change. Here’s how to wake them up Why is the greatest threat to the planet of so little concern to most Americans? It couldn’t possibly be due to the fact that those pushing this the hardest seem […]

TDS: We Can Save The Nation From Trump By Rewriting The Constitution

Seriously, do these people understand how bat-guano-shit insane they appear? The Best Way To Save The Constitution From Donald Trump Is To Rewrite It Perhaps you have wandered through much of your life only mildly aware and mostly indifferent to the fact that there is something called Constitution Day. If so, consider me a fellow […]

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