Time: Shipping Migrants To Sanctuary Cities Is An Attack On The Constitution Or Something

Well, this is a new one. There have plenty of attacks on DeSantis and Abbott, even accusing them of trafficking, as you well know. Now we have attacking the Constitution

Republican Governors Shipping Migrants Around the Country Is a Disturbing Attack on the Constitution

(Multiple paragraphs about the shipping of the illegals/migrants, all of which you know)

President Biden and others have derided these trips, as well as the ones arranged by DeSantis, as “political stunts.” They are more disturbing than that. They are lawless acts, deliberate attempts by some states, acting through their governors, to contravene the basic premise and purpose of the union established by the U.S. Constitution.

States have always had to find ways to coexist even when they have divergent interests or policy preferences. The Constitution itself was adopted to resolve coordination difficulties the states had in matters such as national defense, the conduct of foreign affairs, the creation of a common currency, and financing a national government. The federal courts, also established by the Constitution and further developed by Congress, provide another avenue where states can peacefully and lawfully resolve their differences, adjudicating particular disputes that arise between them. Even before such fights ripen into lawsuits, states, like individuals, sometimes need to negotiate terms of cooperation with one another. There is an established legal mechanism for doing this, called an interstate compact. It, too, is rooted in the United States Constitution, which has been interpreted by federal courts to set ground rules for ensuring such state-to-state agreements have the assent of the federal government.

TexasArizona, and Florida are all already party to numerous interstate compacts, spanning everything from multistate lotteries to water apportionment to child custody and adoption to professional licensing. Had Abbott, Ducey and DeSantis been trying to develop multistate mechanisms for accommodating asylum seekers and other lawful migrants, they could have approached their counterparts in other states to hash out an agreed upon plan.

That’s the argument from Heidi Li Feldman, a Professor of Law and Associate Professor of Philosophy at Georgetown University Law Center. That’s it. That’s the whole thing. Abbott, DeSantis, and Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey didn’t establish a compact to ship illegals/migrants to Democratic Party run areas which call themselves sanctuary cities. That’s some serious weak sauce from a professor of law. There is a compact, in which people can cross borders of states as much as they want if they’re here.

And, not one word from Feldman regarding Biden flying the same people around the country in the dead of night and dropping them off in small town America with zero warning.

Instead, Abbott, Ducey, and now DeSantis have chosen to ambush the governments of sister states by surprising them with the arrival of busloads and planeloads of migrants at unannounced times and places. They have refused requests from mayors in other states to work together. The buses and planes sent by Abbott, Ducey, and DeSantis discharge their passengers wherever will get the most press coverage or will cause inconvenience and difficulties for residents and government responders.

Ambush? Now, that’s funny. Still no mention of Biden doing this. Or, border states being ambushed by massive inflows of migrants/illegals.

The U.S. Constitution does not explicitly forbid one state from purposely creating disorder in another. But attempts to do this subvert one basic premise for joining together in legal union: peaceful, cooperative co-existence among states, as well as between them and the federal government. As state governors, Ducey, Abbott, and DeSantis have acted extra-constitutionally, even anti-constitutionally. While they have not launched armed attacks on other states or the federal government, they have shown a refusal to participate in the basic design and ambition of the American constitutional union. That is a step toward secession.

So, sending these migrants creates disorder to non-border states, ones who advocate for open borders and now get to share in it? It’s silly, very silly, but, the point here is not to create a strong argument, it’s to create a talking point that the three governors and their states are violating the Constitution (the same one Democrats hate because it stop their authoritarianism).

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6 Responses to “Time: Shipping Migrants To Sanctuary Cities Is An Attack On The Constitution Or Something”

  1. alanstorm says:

    Republican Governors Shipping Migrants Around the Country Is a Disturbing Attack on the Constitution

    When the title is pure Used Food, it’s not likely reading further will improve things.

  2. H says:

    Should the migrants be allowed to work? Biden’s economy needs workers to fill the 11 million job openings the old argument about them taking jobs from Americans doesn’t seem to work lately of course that should only be given to those who are here LEGALLY awaiting their day in court. The people who broke the law by sneaking across and not presenting for inspection are in a different category
    Wouldn’t allowing them to work help inflation ?

    • CarolAnn says:

      Should the migrants be allowed to work?

      What part of “illegal” do you not understand? They are here illegally why would we let them work here? If a guy steals your car should he be allowed to drive it till his court date?

      How does allowing illegal aliens to work here “help inflation”?

      There are 59 million Americans on welfare, 40% of whom have been on welfare for over four years. Get them working instead of stealing our money then we’ll talk giving our jobs to foreigners.

      At what point do you stop trying to eliminate Americans and replace them with aliens?


    • Jl says:

      “Should the migrants be allowed to work?” You mean should the illegal immigrants be allowed to stay here? No, they should be sent back home.

    • alanstorm says:

      Hairy, punctuation and sentence structure are your friends.

      Well, not yours, obviously, but you get (maybe) the idea.

      It’s especially true when your arguments are Used Food rather than something coherent. In that case, presentation is all you have.

      And you don’t.

  3. drowningpuppies says:

    “Our beautiful island home of Martha’s Vineyard is very small and the mansions have very expensive artwork, Persian rugs, and unchlorinated saltwater swimming pools that are very difficult to clean. For these reasons, we cannot accept any undocumented Americans at this time and respectfully ask they be sent to a working class community they can enrich with their global diversity and romantic poverty.”



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