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We Need A New Paradigm For Check Climate Crisis (scam) Or Something

I would think that no exaggerating, not yammering about doom and gloom, not relying on computer models, being honest, and not changing data might be helpful. Oh, and not preaching Modern Socialist Big Government authoritarian policies Why We Need an Alternative Paradigm for Checking Climate Change While scientists and activists have done well to establish […]

If All You See…

…is a bright blue sky causing carbon pollution heat waves, you might just just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Green Jihad, with a post on Animal Rebellion sabotaging milk in the U.K.

Woke Pope Says Taxes Are A “Misunderstood Form Of Sharing”

The taxation situation of Vatican City is rather complicated. On one hand, there are no taxes for employees who work in Vatican City. On the other, they’ve owed a lot of money to Italy for tax agreements, and keep stiffing Israel over their taxes on religious properties. Regardless, it’s rather weird for the Pope to […]

Mayor Pete Says EV Forced Adoption Needs To Happen Quicker

The reporter who interviewed Mayor Pete missed a big opportunity to ask why Pete, Kamala, and Joe, and so many other Biden appointees aren’t using them right now themselves California gas car ban ‘interesting,’ EV adoption must happen ‘quickly’ to beat climate change says Buttigieg Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg on Thursday appeared to heap […]

Philadelphia Could Be Next Recipients Of Busloads Of Illegals

While amusing, sending illegals to Philly will probably lower the crime rate. I still think Greg Abbott is missing a huge opportunity in not sending at least a busload or two to Wilmington or Rebohoth Beach, Delaware Philadelphia braces for possibility migrant buses from Texas will be sent to city Philadelphia officials are preparing the […]

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