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Hurricane Fiona Is Harbinger Of Climate Doom Or Something

You just knew this was coming, right? It’s traditional. Expected. Invariable. Unfailing. The climate cult’s orthodoxy Hurricane Fiona is a harbinger of climate future For the second time in five years, Puerto Rico has been blasted with a massive hurricane, causing widespread flooding and power outages, and the increasing severity of these storms is caused […]

If All You See…

…is what appears to be a dry fountain because ‘climate change’ is getting rid of water, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Geller Report, with a post on Homeland Security confirming that Venezuela is sending violent criminals to cross the US border.

Surprise: Teachers Struggling With Biden Inflation

This is actually a CNN article, which is being shared with lots and lots of local news outlets. I’ve seen it through at least 10 so far, and, it’s a real shame that people who voted for Biden and Democrats en masse are having to deal with the results of their poor election choices Across […]

LA Times Editorial Board Comes Out Against Prop 30, Taxing The Rich To Subsidize EVs

A slight bit of sanity. Also, nowhere in this piece do the members of the LA Times editorial board mention if they’ve bought EVs themselves Endorsement: No on Proposition 30 There is probably no climate program in California that is more urgent than the transition to zero-emission vehicles. Transportation is the state’s largest source of […]

Could DeSantis Or Abbott Be About To Send Migrants To Delaware?

If so, he can choose from Wilmington or Rehoboth Beach, places Biden has houses Delaware, White House preparing for potential migrant flight to arrive near Biden home Delaware officials and the White House said they are monitoring for the potential arrival of planes of migrants and illegal immigrants expected from Florida and/or Texas on Tuesday. […]

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