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Your Fault: Stinkbugs Could Make It Far Inland In The Northwest

If only you were willing to give up all fossil fueled travel and just ride a bicycle we could fix this Climate change could make stink bugs more common in the Inland Northwest Some smelly creatures could become more common in the Inland Northwest because of climate change. According to a new study from Washington […]

If All You See…

…is an area drying out from too much carbon pollution, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is A Bad American (new to the feedreader, go ahead and follow), with a post on the MSM being stupid over the Italy election.

Surprise: There’s A Big Uptick In Women, Minorities, Liberals Buying Firearms

It’s rather surprising that CNN isn’t losing their minds over this Liberal, female and minority: America’s new gun owners aren’t who you’d think Several times a week you can hear gunfire echoing from Brandi Joseph’s scenic Southern California property. A licensed firearms instructor and dealer, Joseph decided to open Fortune Firearms in December to serve […]

Climate Cultist Has Charges Dropped Due To Her “Climate Anxiety”

I’ll agree that the penalties would be a bit over the top, but, having the charges dropped is just absurd. Might this be the beginning of even more stupid Progressive legal results? Environmental Activist Freed From Charges Due To Climate Change ‘Trauma’ An Australian woman who blocked a central Sydney route to protest against climate […]

Manchin Gives Up On His Permitting Scheme, At Least For Moment

There were two outcomes: either Joe would give up on getting his permitting through, at least for now, or, Democrats would refuse to allow it in the budget bill. And Republicans were also refusing to play ball Government shutdown likely avoided after Sen. Manchin reverses course on energy permitting An about-face from Sen. Joe Manchin […]

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