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A Warming World Is Causing Us To Change How we Dress Or Something

This is so horrible! We used to have to wear heavy clothes when we went ice skating and attended the carnivals on the frozen River Thames during the Little Ice Age, now (Yahoo non-paywalled version here) Dressing for Hot: How a Warming Planet Is Changing What We Wear Shirts made from the same polymer as […]

If All You See…

…is a disappearing shoreline from sea rise, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Newsbusters, with a post a liberal on MSNBC saying Biden’s speech didn’t include blacks and Native Americans.

Chicago Mayor Freaks Out Over More Bused Illegals, Calls It “Manufactured Human Crisis”

Chicago mayor Lori Lightfoot seems a bit upset over the continued busing, but, not much over something like Chicago shootings: 46 shot, 7 fatally in Labor Day weekend violence across city, police say Just another weekend in the Democratic Party run city of Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot lashes out at Texas Gov. Abbott after 50 […]

Your Fault: Flood Maps Out Of Date Because You Won’t Buy An EV

How dare you! US flood maps outdated thanks to climate change, Fema director says Flood maps used by the federal government are outdated, the director of the Federal Emergency Management Agency, or Fema, said on Sunday, considering a series of devastating floods caused by excessive rainfall induced by climate change. Deanne Criswell told CNN’s State […]

Bummer: Democrats Seem To Still Be Avoiding Biden On The Campaign Trail

Shot Fewer Democrats are calling for Biden to forgo a 2024 reelection campaign, buoyed by his legislative victories and falling gas prices: report Chaser Asset or liability? Biden’s momentum hasn’t led to new invitations on midterm campaign trail During a trip to Wilkes-Barre, Pa. last week, President Joe Biden lavished praise on Pennsylvania’s Democratic Senate nominee John Fetterman, calling him “a […]

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