We Need A New Paradigm For Check Climate Crisis (scam) Or Something

I would think that no exaggerating, not yammering about doom and gloom, not relying on computer models, being honest, and not changing data might be helpful. Oh, and not preaching Modern Socialist Big Government authoritarian policies

Why We Need an Alternative Paradigm for Checking Climate Change

While scientists and activists have done well to establish the urgency of checking climate change before it is too late, it is increasingly clear that the current paradigm of checking climate change is not working. Briefly, it has to be changed in ways which will link it very closely to checking militarism and inequalities while promoting peace and justice, preventing all wars, eliminating all WMDs (weapons of mass destruction) as well as eliminating all HBP (hypocrisy of big polluters).

A basic reason of the urgency of checking climate change is that it will change climate and daily weather conditions in ways that will make our once bountiful and beautiful planet increasingly inhospitable and then inhabitable for humanity and most other forms of life. However what climate change can cause in a few years or decades can be caused by WMDs within a few days if there is actual use, intended or accidental, of less than one per cent of the current stock of nuclear weapons (not to mention the destructive potential of several other WMDs). This one well-established factor should be adequate ( there are several others) to convince all sincere climate activists that both tasks—checking GHG emissions as well as eliminating WMDs—should be pursued together as the biggest challenge facing humanity.

These people

Military activities and equipment constitute the biggest single source of GHG emissions which is almost entirely avoidable in a peaceful world, and eliminating which will cause no decline in human welfare; it will only increase human welfare. Hence a future without wars and with the minimum military activity should be an integral part of climate activism. This should come with a guarantee that no military personnel will lose jobs or income; they will merely shift, with retraining, to such tasks as disaster prevention and rescue, ecological rehabilitation etc. It is only in conditions of peace and stability, and much increased international cooperation and understanding based on this, that the world will be able to resolve the most critical environmental problems including climate change.

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22 Responses to “We Need A New Paradigm For Check Climate Crisis (scam) Or Something”

    • david7134 says:

      Could it be that the Jeffery’s of the world are beginning to understand the enormous cost of their stupidity. Naw, not going to happen. But it is neat seeing the Euro-weenies facing freezing to death for their inability to understand propaganda.

      • L.G.Brandon!, L.G.Brandon! says:

        It’s not just propaganda, david7134, it’s belief in a fantasy. They call us “climate deniers” insisting we refuse to “admit” the climate is warming and that’s bullshit. WE refuse to believe humans are mostly responsible and to then it’s denial.

        They believed in global cooling starting about 1970. Then warming, then they settled on “climate change” because they weren’t married to anything it became ambiguous. If it’s cold it’s climate change. If it’s warm it’s climate change and so on. But it’s just fantasy

        Their predictions are always wrong. They are like a bunch of witch doctors sitting around Stonehenge deciding whether to sacrifice the virgin to the god of fire or ice. It’s silly and they can’t see how silly it is. except the virgin they want to sacrifice today is all humanity. They want to cast us into the depths of communist poverty and famine to sate their god. I won’t go!


        • L.G.Brandon!, L.G.Brandon! says:

          P.S. I also won’t follow nor believe people who hate me, lie to me constantly and want me dead. That’s just plain stupid.

          SUPER MAGA

        • Elwood P. Dowd says:


          In fact, science deniers DID deny warming until just a few years ago. They still whine that the climate scientists have cooked/rigged the temperature data.

          Once it became untenable and unreasonable to deny the Earth was warming, they retreated to claiming the warming they had “always” acknowledged was not caused by CO2. “It’s all natural” they declaim.

          You repeat the myths of global cooling in the 70s, “global warming” and “climate change”. Global warming is causing global climate change. Get it, now? Good.

          Theory predicts that increased CO2 will result in warming. Guess what?

          Much of what connies believe to be true is actually myth.

          • alanstorm says:

            They still whine that the climate scientists have cooked/rigged the temperature data.

            That’s because thay have, child. NASA and NOAA have been “correcting” the data all along. And it always makes earlier periods colder and current periods warmer – because that’s what those paying the bills want.

          • Elwood P. Dowd says:

            Lil Alky,

            So you don’t believe that it’s warming? That it’s all fraud?

            How have NASA and NOAA fooled the glaciers or is that data also faked?

          • drowningpuppies says:

            More handwaving by the Rimjob.
            Historic evidence shows atmospheric CO2 rises after rising temperatures not the other way around.
            Funny Rimjob can’t dispute that fact.

            Bwaha! Lolgf https://www.thepiratescove.us/wp-content/plugins/wp-monalisa/icons/wpml_cool.gif

          • Elwood P. Dowd says:

            So science deniers accept paleoclimate data but not current data!

            You might as well ask “What came first, the chicken or the egg?”. Or to claim “Chickens cannot cause eggs, since chickens come from eggs!”

            Because the truth is that CO2 increases warming AND warming increases CO2!

            The transitions from glacial to interglacial (like to the Holocene) appear to be triggered by cyclic changes in the relationship of the Earth to the Sun. The changes are called Milankovitch Cycles after the Serbian scientist Milutin Milankovitch.

            The Milankovitch cycles include:

            1. The shape of Earth’s orbit, known as eccentricity;
            2. The angle Earth’s axis is tilted with respect to Earth’s orbital plane, known as obliquity; and
            3. The direction Earth’s axis of rotation is pointed, known as precession.

            At the transition from the last glacial to the Holocene it took a few thousand years for the Earth to warm, not a century or two. As the Earth warmed CO2 increased reinforcing the warming.

            The current bout of warming was NOT initiated by Milankovitch changes but from the gigatons of CO2 we’ve pumped into the atmosphere. CO2 is higher now than at any time in the last 1 million years.

          • Jl says:

            Just figure what J claims about gw, the opposite is true. There was no “myth” of global cooling-it was quite real. So real and inconvenient that Wikipedia, following the scientific method, began removing articles about it. *science*
            No one denied warming, just the amount and the cause-which, inconveniently, still hasn’t been demonstrated with cause – effect evidence. 120 years and still waiting..https://notrickszone.com/2016/09/13/massive-cover-up-exposed-285-papers-from-1960s-80s-reveal-robust-global-cooling-scientific-consensus/

          • Elwood P. Dowd says:

            The last thing Jill wants is debate. That’s why she links NoTricksZone and WUWT “articles”.

            They “myth” of global cooling was that climate scientists thought is was leading to a new ice age. Maybe in Newsweek or Time but not in the scientific literature. It’s a cute story for deniers but is a myth.

            You deny that science deniers denied it was warming? You deny it to this day! Anyway, since you distrust all the temperature data why bother to discuss it? Warming or cooling, the scientists are making it all up.

            Jill – We’ll ask again: What evidence linking CO2 to warming would you find compelling?

            We already know that without an atmosphere the Earth would be much, much colder than today.

            What if scientists demonstrated that some more complex gas molecules absorbed infrared radiation (IR)?

            What if scientists demonstrated that molecules of H2O (vapor), methane and CO2 absorbed IR?

            What if scientists demonstrated that molecules of CO2 in air increased the temperature of the air when exposed to IR?

  1. Elwood P. Dowd says:


    Conservatives (MAGAts especially) are refractory to reason and cooperation. Why? They are reluctant to admit it, but they realize they would take advantage of a cooperating (read: weaker) partner. You believe everyone on Earth is as devious, selfish and cruel as you are.

    • david7134 says:

      Cooperation? You desire a communist utopia. That is your ultimate goal. We know that will not work. So cooperation? The same is true for every element you bring up. How about voting? You will not work to assure us that everyone voting is legitimate and will not investigate voter fraud. The only bargaining at this point is how to divide the various states.

  2. alanstorm says:

    Conservatives (MAGAts especially) are refractory to reason and cooperation.

    That’s rich, since liberal idiots (BIRM) reject reason as being “racist”.

  3. Jl says:

    Oh, my -the cult doesn’t want to admit the data has been “adjusted” to fit their crystal ball prediction? Tom Karl, the former director of NOAA, admitted that “the globe actually cooled from 1921 to 1979. You won’t find one graph anywhere today that shows that cooling. Magic! https://notrickszone.com/2017/01/30/robust-evidence-noaa-temperature-data-hopelessly-corrupted-by-warming-bias-manipulation/

    • Elwood P. Dowd says:

      Note carefully that your resident expert and Pierre Gosselin (trickster) seamlessly conflate US (1.87% of globe) temperatures and global (100% of globe) temperatures in making their disingenuous arguments. It’s like saying the Sahara desert is hotter than the Northwest Territories.

      Of course flawed data is replaced by more reliable data. Aren’t you pleased that is happening?

      For someone who denies they deny it’s warming, you sure spent a lot of effort arguing that it’s not warming!

  4. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    Thomas Karl’s own dataset doesn’t show the Earth cooling from 1921 to 1979.

    And all the datasets (HadCrut, Karl (2015), Berkeley, Gistemp) show the cooling of the 70s.

    nuCon nuMyths…

    Trump won the election.
    Global warming is not warming.
    Obama was born in Kenya.
    Global warming is communist plot.
    Joe Biden is pedophile.
    Conservatives trust democracy.
    Public schools are grooming facilities for LGBTQ perverts.
    Only cons support law and order.
    Only cons are fiscally responsible.
    Dem/com/libs want to legalize and practice infanticide.
    Cons support children.
    Cons support small business.
    Cons do not support foreign military excursions.
    Immigration (legal and illegal) hurts America and Americans.
    America is a Christian nation.
    Tax cuts for the rich pay for themselves!
    Violent crime is worse now than ever.
    Reagan was a RINO.
    Trump is one of the greatest Presidents.

    • Jl says:

      Funny-so in other words the global cooling scare was real, contrary to J’s “assertions”. 285 peer-reviewed papers, J-refute them at your leisure. One of the best yet from our clown-“Jl doesn’t want to debate that’s why he links to NTZ articles. Actually, unlike you I offer up evidence for my assertions in the form of peer-reviewed papers instead of unsupported statements as in your case.
      Same old, same old. “What evidence would you find compelling?” Any cause-effect verifiable evidence, of which there isn’t any. There’s correlations but not causation. By your twisting and turning we see it has you in a real conundrum. Still waiting after more than a century
      “What if scientists… “ What if scientists could show us a lab experiment that back radiation from a cold gas adds to the temperature of a heat source? Of course, heat is supposed to always flow from warm to cold, correct?
      “Gosselin conflates…” Having trouble reading, J? Gosselin “conflates” nothing. The first graph in the link is from NOAA, the others from peer-reviewed papers. Deal with the data, not the messenger. If you can.
      “Gosselin conflates US temperatures and global temperatures.”. “Gosselin” does nothing of the kind. He reiterated what Karl said, word for word, and then showed a NOAA graph showing no such thing happening, ie., data tampering. What US temps? Reading comprehension problems again, J? “Flawed data replaced by better data”. Funny-proof the original data was flawed is….what?
      So J-care to refute any of the claims made or are you just going to argue irrelevancies again?

      • drowningpuppies says:

        Rimjob, as usual, offers another muddled rebuttal.

        Keep showing the stupid, dumbass, it’s hilarious.

        Bwaha! Lolgf https://www.thepiratescove.us/wp-content/plugins/wp-monalisa/icons/wpml_cool.gif

  5. Jl says:

    As far as the temp change leads the CO2 change issue? Now J, before we have to go over the same thing again and again with you-please follow along. These have nothing to do with Gosselin. The authors of the papers are listed-in other words, if there wasn’t a NTZ, the papers would still exist, correct? https://notrickszone.com/2018/06/07/scientists-find-sun-driven-temperature-changes-led-co2-changes-by-1300-6500-years-in-the-ancient-past/

    • Elwood P. Dowd says:


      Simple. Then discuss the papers not Gosselin’s opinions.

      Did you only read Gosselin’s headline, but not his BS showing US data? LOL.

      Numbnutz, as I explained the cooling scare was a media creation.

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