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$3.5 Trillion Is A Pittance To Do Something About ‘Climate Change’ Or Something

Because the world is on the brink, you know, because if we don’t spend it now we’ll spend it later, you know When the World Is on the Brink, $3.5 Trillion Is a Pittance What we don’t spend now to deal with climate change will cost us much more later. See? Mr. Lustgarten is an […]

If All You See…

…is death from too much carbon pollution, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Shot In The Dark, with a post on that logistical wiz, Brandon!

Surprise: Wake County, Raleigh To Keep Mask Mandates Much Longer

The original point of the new mask mandates in Wake County and Raleigh was to get infection rates below 5%. Wake County’s was supposed to end November 1st, unless they reauthorized it. Raleigh’s was completely open ended. And they want to keep their power trip going Coronavirus infections are declining, but local officials say it’s […]

New York Denies Permits For Natural Gas Power Plants

What a fantastic deal, we have to Save The Planet! New York state denies permits for two proposed natural gas-fired power plants New York environmental regulators on Wednesday rejected permits to build two natural gas-fired power plants as the state focuses more on renewable projects and energy efficiency to meet its greenhouse gas reduction goals. […]

Let’s Go Brandon To Announce Reconciliation Bill Framework Before Jetting Off To Scotland

I’m sure we’ll all be able to see the details of the bill so that we can make an informed decisions on whether to support it or not, right? Biden to announce new framework on spending deal President Biden on Thursday will meet with House Democrats to outline the specifics of his economic agenda and […]

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