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Climate Today: Eco Friendly Sex And Save The Whales

I know you’re just dying to know what eco friendly sex is, right? Eco-friendly sex: What is it and how does it impact on climate change? When we think about the different ways we can reduce our carbon footprints, our sex lives are not usually at the top of the list. Yet web searches for […]

If All You See…

…is a wonderful big city full of like minded Warmists, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Weasel Zippers, with a post on more Mask Theater, with NY’s Gov attending a Broadway play unmasked in violation of her own mandates.

Fail: Vaccination Rates Lower Than Before Biden Made Mandate Pronouncement

People do not like to be told what to do, and you aren’t going to really get the vaccine resistant to get vax with force Epic Fail: Vaccination Rates Now Lower Than When Biden Took Office President Joe Biden continues to insist that his vaccine mandates have been a roaring success. The truth is far […]

Your Fault: ‘Climate Change’ Blamed For Bad West Coast Weather

I was just waiting for this to show up somewhere in the news. Of course the little Warmists were doing this on social media, now we’re jumping into the bigger outlets Record-breaking California bomb cyclone linked to climate change The record-breaking bomb cyclone that barreled into the West Coast with the force of a hurricane […]

Brandon Economy: Expect Thanksgiving Prices To Wallop Your Wallet

The economic hits just keep coming and coming This Year’s Thanksgiving Feast Will Wallop the Wallet Thanksgiving 2021 could be the most expensive meal in the history of the holiday. Caroline Hoffman is already stashing canned pumpkin in the kitchen of her Chicago apartment when she finds some for under a dollar. She recently spent […]

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