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Good News: CIA To Focus On Climate Emergency (scam)

Good thing there are no real threats out there anymore The CIA's other focus will be global warming. Just embarrassing. https://t.co/KII2L19qVD — Steve Milloy (@JunkScience) October 7, 2021 From the link The C.I.A. will embark on a reorganization intended to focus more on China, the agency’s director announced on Thursday. At the heart of the […]

If All You See…

…is an area flooded from Bad Weather, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is protein wisdom, with a rare post on winning the war on therapeutic nihilism. Hope this means more, since Jeff G. was booted from Twitter.

Your Fault: Climate Crisis (scam) Is An Existential Threat To Outdoor Activities

I was going to touch on this ridiculous piece on how electric vehicles cost so much less over time, because, for one thing, people rarely keep their vehicles for 15 years (the average is 4 years). But, this is is more fun in being bat guano insane Study: Climate change poses an existential threat to […]

Los Angeles To Mandate Vaccines For To Have Freedom

I wonder how much business is driven to areas that are not the city of Los Angeles? But, hey, this kinda of Authoritarianism is what you folks vote for out there, so, no complaints Los Angeles OKs one of strictest US vaccination mandates Los Angeles leaders on Wednesday approved one of the nation’s strictest vaccine […]

Good News: The Taliban Are Doing Biden’s Job In Getting Americans Out Of Kabul

The media has mostly moved on from Afghanistan, because it doesn’t help Joe’s approval rating, yet, hundreds remain trapped in Afghanistan after all the days, including at least 41 children from the San Juan Unified School District in California. Why are we relying on elementary-school principals to help get American citizens out of a country […]

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