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Hotcoldwetdry Today: Muted Fall Colors, Gore Creates New Asset Manager

Yes, it is about that time of the year to get the “Fall foliage is dooooooomed!” stories Climate change is muting fall colors, but it’s just the latest way that humans have altered US forests Fall foliage season is a calendar highlight in states from Maine south to Georgia and west to the Rocky Mountains. […]

If All You See…

…is a bottle of wine, which will soon be decimated by climate change, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is The Other McCain, with a post on the people of Virginia needing to brace themselves.

NY Times: Rising Prices Are Just So Inconvenient For Let’s Go Brandon’s Agenda

You know why Biden won (well, other than the cheating)? Because he wasn’t Trump. How many people were voting against Trump because of Mean Tweets, failing to differentiate between personality and policy? Just like in 2004: who was seriously excited about John Kerry? And now these idiots are learning that all politicians are pretty much […]

Good News: There’s Still 11 Years Left To Save The World From Hotcoldwetdry

BTW, this dude totally trolled everyone https://twitter.com/mrj880/status/1453017745369534469 It’s so damned good, because this is the type of stuff that climate cultist scientists would prognosticate, that everyone got caught up in it. Heck, even Snopes did a fact check on it. Meanwhile There’s Still Time to Fix Climate—About 11 Years On October 31 world leaders will […]

COVID Theater Today: NJ’s Murphy Said To Be Waiting For Re-election To Impose Mandates

It rather says something about how much people hate mandates and other COVID measures that a deep Blue state has to be kept in the dark New Jersey Republicans outraged over video alleging Murphy will mandate vaccines if reelected New Jersey Republicans are demanding that Gov. Phil Murphy speak out about his stance on COVID-19 vaccine mandates following the […]

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