COVID Theater Today: NJ’s Murphy Said To Be Waiting For Re-election To Impose Mandates

It rather says something about how much people hate mandates and other COVID measures that a deep Blue state has to be kept in the dark

New Jersey Republicans outraged over video alleging Murphy will mandate vaccines if reelected

New Jersey Republicans are demanding that Gov. Phil Murphy speak out about his stance on COVID-19 vaccine mandates following the release of footage from inside the Democrat’s campaign that alleges “he will” require residents in the state to be vaccinated should he be elected to a second term.

“This extremely disturbing video appears to confirm what the Murphy campaign has been hinting at — and the NJGOP has been warning about — throughout the summer: that a second Murphy term will bring about the same type of vaccine passports seen in Bill de Blasio’s New York, burdening already suffering businesses and discriminating against minority communities in which immunization rates are lower,” said NJGOP executive director Tom Szymanski.

The video, released Monday by Project Veritas, shows Wendy Martinez, an apparent senior adviser to Murphy, telling an undercover journalist that Murphy will indeed put into effect vaccine mandates should he receive another term. She was also filmed saying this policy was kept secret over fears that Murphy could lose independent and undecided voters “because they’re into all that s—, ‘my rights, my s—.’”

“He will, but right now it is about him winning,” Martinez said in the clip.

Remember how Let’s Go Brandon stated again and again that there would be no vaccine mandates if he won? He won NJ 57.3% to 41.4%. All it takes is people flipping their votes or simply sitting the election out for Murphy’s opponent, Republican Jack Ciattarelli, to squeak out a win

Szymanski accused Murphy of “following political science, as opposed to actual science,” saying Murphy’s withholding of “life-changing information” from voters until after the election is as “deceitful as it gets.”

“Phil Murphy must immediately state his intentions on this matter before voting ends next week and disclose whether or not data of thousands of New Jerseyans already entered into the Docket App has been harvested for the purpose of implementing a vaccine passport,” Szymanski said.

Why have an app ready if you’re not going to use it, to force NJ citizens to use it? Again, in theory, I was in favor of a passport app, when it was early in the vaccination era, since that would make people and businesses feel better (and having just a few that could be used anywhere for everything. If you want to go to those areas that require, you might need several different ones). Almost a year after people started getting vaccinated? That looks more like implementing controls for people to live their lives

In a press release issued Tuesday by email, Murphy’s campaign dismissed the footage, accusing Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe of “blatant harassment and physical intimidation” when he confronted Martinez about the footage. The campaign did not say whether he would mandate vaccines if he received another term but claimed Ciattarelli is “once again embracing disinformation.”

Murphy doesn’t deny the video, of course. Meanwhile

NYC police union sues city over vaccine mandate

New York City’s largest police union filed a lawsuit against the city Monday in an effort to overturn a COVID-19 vaccine mandate for its members.

The Police Benevolent Association filed the suit in Staten Island Supreme Court and plans to file a request for a temporary injunction preventing the city from imposing the mandate while the lawsuit is pending.

The move came after Mayor Bill de Blasio announced last week that all city workers would be required to get vaccinated or be placed on unpaid leave or terminated after the Oct. 29 deadline. There is no option to undergo weekly COVID-19 testing.

The PBA said the mandate violates its members’ right to make their own medical decisions.

You can bet that most cops are pro-vaccine, but are anti-mandate, ie, forced medical decisions by Government, especially since de Blasio did away with the notion of testing for those who did not want the jab. Don’t forget, the teacher’s union, certainly a far left one, sued de Blasio.

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