Climate Today: Eco Friendly Sex And Save The Whales

I know you’re just dying to know what eco friendly sex is, right?

Eco-friendly sex: What is it and how does it impact on climate change?

When we think about the different ways we can reduce our carbon footprints, our sex lives are not usually at the top of the list.

Yet web searches for sustainable products such as vegan condoms and waste-free contraception have been steadily on the rise in recent years.

What is eco-friendly sex?

“For some, being eco-friendly sexually means selecting lubes, toys, bed sheets and condoms that have less impact on the planet,” explains Dr Adenike Akinsemolu, an environmental sustainability scientist from Nigeria.

“For others, it entails reducing the damage in the creation of porn to workers and the environment. Both examples are valid and of importance.” (snip)

Many lubes are also petroleum-based, and therefore contain fossil fuels. This has led to a rise in water-based or organic products. And homemade options are becoming more popular. (snip)

Sex toys are another area where the use of plastic is widespread. Steel or glass alternatives are available, while the option of buying rechargeable toys also helps reduce waste. There are even solar powered sex toys on the market.

On to whales

Endangered whale population sinks close to 20-year low

A type of whale that is one of the rarest marine mammals in the world lost nearly 10% of its population last year, a group of scientists and ocean life advocates said on Monday.

The North Atlantic right whale numbered only 366 in 2019, and its population fell to 336 in 2020, the North Atlantic Right Whale Consortium said. The estimate is the lowest number in nearly two decades.

Right whales were once abundant in the waters off New England, but were decimated during the commercial whaling era due to their high concentrations of oil. They have been listed as endangered by the U.S. government for more than half a century.

The whales have suffered high mortality and poor reproduction in some recent years. There were more than 480 of the animals as recently as 2011. They’re vulnerable to fatal entanglement in fishing gear and collisions with large ships, and even when they survive, they often emerge less fit and less able to feed and mate, said Scott Kraus, chair of the consortium.

Perhaps we could spend more time on actual conservation and environmentalism rather than the fake, ginned up, anti-science, political issue of anthropogenic climate change, eh? Rather than pissing away time and money, along with putting real world environmental issues under the banner of ‘climate change’, meaning the issues never get solved.

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4 Responses to “Climate Today: Eco Friendly Sex And Save The Whales”

  1. Dana says:

    How about: just get married, have sex with only one woman, and you won’t need rubbers.

  2. Professor Hale says:

    If they were serious, they would give up all sex other than self-sex. Any sort of toy, device, birth control drug, battery, lube or condom will be produced in a factory that has harmful emissions. This is just another case of the “green” community wanting to have all their toys while pretending that they don’t have an impact because they buy offsets.

    Not even to mention that the act of procreation itself is an “unsustainable” activity since it creates another mouth to feed and another head to be sheltered in air conditioned comfort. That’s a carbon footprint you can’t offset your way out of.

    The most sustainable sex would be intentionally spreading fatal STIs or STIs that cause sterility. So condoms themselves, even if made by earth friendly water benders, are anti-green.

    Good thing for me, I am not a slave to this sort of thinking. The radical Left does not get to be in my bedroom telling me how to do it right.

  3. Hairy says:

    Both Prof Hale and Teach both demand 100% commitment from. Those who have opposing views
    Which is unrealistic Teach did you personally make a 100% personcommitment to the War on Terror thst you claimed to support?
    However I do applaud both for refraining from buying any sex positive items thst might possibly cause carbon pollution
    Teach am I correct in making that assumption?

  4. Joe says:

    So is rubbing one off into a sock eco-friendly?

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