Good News: The Taliban Are Doing Biden’s Job In Getting Americans Out Of Kabul

The media has mostly moved on from Afghanistan, because it doesn’t help Joe’s approval rating, yet, hundreds remain trapped in Afghanistan after all the days, including at least 41 children from the San Juan Unified School District in California.

Why are we relying on elementary-school principals to help get American citizens out of a country run by hostile extremists? America really does expect its educators to do too much. People become teachers and principals because they want to help people, but managing an overseas hostage-rescue operation is asking far too much.

What do we have a federal government for? What is its purpose? What duties should it prioritize? Rescuing American civilians from Taliban territory really seems like a responsibility that should be at the top of the list.

Because this is a mess of Biden’s making, and Biden has more important things, in his mind, to do than rescuing Americans

The Taliban are helping remaining US citizens evacuate from Kabul because ‘they don’t want Americans in their country anyway,’ activist says

Joe Biden Ice Cream AfghanistanAn activist helping with the ongoing evacuations of remaining US citizens and visa holders from Kabul, Afghanistan, has said that the Taliban were helping the missions because they “don’t want Americans in their country anyway.”

Project Dynamo is among a handful of civilian-run organizations that have continued evacuation efforts from Afghanistan after foreign forces fully withdrew from the country on or before August 31.

The team has taken on a “massive undertaking” in recent weeks, sifting through the travel documents of some 30,000 people who have applied for help to leave the country, Project Dynamo volunteer Jen Wilson told Insider.

After confirming the paperwork for those eligible to enter the US, the group has to communicate with the Taliban to receive clearance, Wilson said.

She said the process has been a lot easier than expected.

“They want Americans out,” she said, referring to the Taliban. “So when it comes to us moving Americans out of the country, they’re happy to assist. They don’t want Americans in their country anyway.”

Of course, the Biden State Department is making it very tough for Americans to come back to the United States, or even leave Afghanistan, because it makes Surrender Joe look bad. And he is looking bad

(Yahoo News) The YouGov survey of 1,640 U.S. adults, which was conducted from Oct. 1 to Oct. 4, found that Biden’s approval rating has slipped another 3 points since mid-September, to 42 percent — his lowest yet. Meanwhile, half of Americans (50 percent) continue to disapprove of how the president is handling his job.

Perhaps in part reflecting the current impasse on Capitol Hill, fewer Americans now say that “things are headed in the right direction” (28 percent) than at any previous point during Biden’s presidency. Just 37 percent approve of how Biden is “dealing with Congress.” And even fewer Americans (26 percent) now express confidence in Congress itself, down 11 points since September 2020.

Quinnipiac has Surrender Joe at 40% approve, 53% disapprove. The Real Clear Politics average is 44.6/48.7, because it includes some outliers, like the Hill/HarrisX which polled less than 1000. And then

(Business Insider) According to a new Quinnipiac University poll released on Wednesday, 55% of Americans don’t think the Biden administration is “competent in running the government.” Only 42% of respondents were in favor of the work being done by the administration.

Biden’s approval ratings have also fallen to 38%, with 53% of respondents disapproving of his performance. That’s a 4-point drop from less than one month ago, when a September Quinnipiac poll found Biden’s approval at 42%. From February through August, Biden’s approval hovered between 45% and 50%.

Perhaps leaving Americans behind is not helpful.

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4 Responses to “Good News: The Taliban Are Doing Biden’s Job In Getting Americans Out Of Kabul”

  1. Hairy says:

    China Teach
    Any comment on whether it may not have been a good idea to send kids on a school trip to Kabil last summer ? The Taliban!! So Bad
    They are no worse than your beloved fossil fuel producing Saudisin fact they were all taught and rewarded for practicing THE Saudi flavor of Islam which is much worse than that of the hated Iranians
    It was a colossal mistake yo occupy Afghanistan A mistake that you cheerleaders fo during 20 years of ‘winning’
    All those weapons left behind? Would you rather have the new government of Afhhanistan dependent on the USA for spare parts? Or China to whom they have now looked to for military aid?

    • Dana says:

      The Hirsute One asked:

      China Teach
      Any comment on whether it may not have been a good idea to send kids on a school trip to Kabil last summer ? The Taliban!! So Bad

      I have said in the past that we shouldn’t waste efforts on people like Otto Warmbier, who was stupid enough to visit North Korea, and the same ought to apply to adults who chose to vacation in Afghanistan, knowing that we were going to withdraw. They might not have realized that the withdrawal would be handled as badly as it was, but still . . . .

      But these are mostly kids, not adults. That makes a difference.

  2. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    Not all Americans or Afghans want to leave and the US cannot force them.

    Last week Project Dynamo successfully evacuated more than 100 US citizens, green-card holders, and special immigrant visa holders from Kabul to Chicago.

    It’s not spelled out how many were US citizens vs green card holders vs immigrant visa holders.

    Project Dynamo did say that 59 were under 18 years old.

    We would like to thank the U.S. State Department and the United Arab Emirates’ Ministry of Foreign Affairs for their cooperation in challenging circumstances to secure the safe return of these U.S. citizens, U.S. Legal Permanent Residents, and Afghan allies. We would also like to acknowledge the Taliban for facilitating the departure of the aircraft by allowing those who want to depart Afghanistan to do so peacefully.

    Recall, the US evacuated more than 122,000.

  3. Professor hale says:

    No americans were left in afghanistan. Just afghans with US documents.

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