Fail: Vaccination Rates Lower Than Before Biden Made Mandate Pronouncement

People do not like to be told what to do, and you aren’t going to really get the vaccine resistant to get vax with force

Epic Fail: Vaccination Rates Now Lower Than When Biden Took Office

President Joe Biden continues to insist that his vaccine mandates have been a roaring success. The truth is far different. In fact, the only thing the mandate seems to have increased is the labor shortage and supply-chain crisis.

“It’s working. We’re making progress,” Biden said recently, pointing to the fact that daily cases had declined 47% and hospitalizations were down 38% in the previous month and a half.

Somehow, the army of media fact-checkers failed to notice that Biden was, shall we say, misleading the public.

First, Biden’s employer mandates still haven’t taken effect, since the federal rules governing companies with more than 100 workers have yet to be released. Biden’s mandate covering federal contractors doesn’t take effect until Dec. 8.

Second, the decline in new COVID cases started at the end of August, nearly two weeks before Biden’s Sept. 9 pronouncement, and hospitalizations and deaths have followed suit, as expected.

Whoops! The editorial notes rising COVID cases in the UK, where 73% have had the jab, and falling in Mexico, which is around 40%. COVID will do what COVID will do

This bell curve pattern is the same thing COVID has demonstrated in the past – before vaccines were available or were widespread. Last winter, for example, new COVID cases peaked at the start of January and then plunged, at a time when a comparatively tiny fraction of the public was vaccinated.

Double oops.

But the bigger news is that, for all Biden’s browbeating and dictatorial threats, daily vaccination rates haven’t budged. In fact, they are below where they were on Sept. 3, six days before he made his pronouncement.

And while daily vaccinations did climb for a brief period after his mandate speech, they fell again and are now consistently lower than they were on the day Biden was sworn in. See the chart below.

Whatever Biden had hoped to achieve, he’s failed to persuade those who don’t want or don’t need the vaccine to get a shot.

It certainly doesn’t help when we’re told that we cannot be protected unless everyone else gets the vaccine now, when we were told it protected us individually. That the talking points constantly shift. That we now cannot get our lives back. It looks political, rather than medical.

Eric Hoplin, president and CEO of the National Association of Wholesaler-Distributors, warned in a letter to Biden last week that unless the president delays or loosens his mandate covering federal contractors, “thousands of valued employees will be forced out of their jobs shortly before the holidays, the already compromised supply chain will be under added pressure during the busiest time of the year.” The result, he said “could be nothing short of catastrophic.”

Also last week, the Federal Reserve “beige book” said that “Firms reported high turnover, as workers left for other jobs or retired. Child-care issues and vaccine mandates were widely cited as contributing to the problem, along with COVID-related absences.” (snip)

Meanwhile, there is a steady stream of stories about workers quitting or getting fired for not complying with various vaccine dictates — from nurses, to firefighters, to employees at Los Alamos nuclear weapons lab.

For Biden to call the results of his authoritarian vaccine mandates a success shows just how dangerously out of touch he is with reality.

This could have been done so much better, but, Democrats like the use of force by government. They expect everyone to simply comply. Obviously, that doesn’t work oh so well in a nation founded on Freedom.

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8 Responses to “Fail: Vaccination Rates Lower Than Before Biden Made Mandate Pronouncement”

  1. drowningpuppies says:

    Another epic fail ignored.

    Vietnam outlasted Uganda’s perfect record by a week, reporting its first death from COVID-19 on July 31, 2020, coincidentally the same day it was reported that they received millions of dollars from the World Bank to help “cope with COVID-19”. From that moment, Vietnam’s case fatality rate climbed from 0% to around 20%. It is noteworthy that for some reason Our World in Data does not allow users to view the CFR graphs prior to September 1, 2020, even though the data that would be used to do it is available.

    Bwaha! Lolgf

    • Zombies are Cool says:

      I have seen Graphs of the UK and their rates of infection are going through the roof.

      In the United States, the rates of infections are going down when in almost every other EU country they are climbing. In fact, the infection rate in the USA is coming down drastically. However, according to the graphs, the death rates in the USA are astoundingly high which still tells me that people are dying from a stroke with covid and it’s a covid death. Or dying in a car accident and it’s covid.

      In Vietnam, they used Hydroxy and Ivermechtin as did Uganda. Both countries were forced by WHO with bribes of money to stop using those drugs which then caused their infections and death rates to climb dramatically.

      Big Pharma anyone. We know they only care about money. This pandemic has all the Big pharma execs masturbating in each other’s faces over the never-ending death and misery they themselves are causing.

      Hell J&J vaccine according to the VA drops from 77 percent at jab to just Three(3) percent after five months. Meaning the J&J vaccine should be taken from the market if this is true but of course we know that according to the powers that be if you take just one more jab of J&J you will be saved.

      Nowhere does any of this take into account having been vaccinated and having contracted the Virus as well. So you have natural and vaccine immunity. In fact studies in Israel show that those with natural immunity have much more powerful resistance to reinfection than those without and those that have had both are only 2 percent more resistant than natural immunity.

  2. Hairy says:

    Teach in the UK the unvaccinztrd are 300% Moresby to require hospitalization than those vaccinated
    Drowning dog no longer trusts Trumps vaccine

  3. Hairy says:

    Anti mzskers and anti vaxxdrs beco.i g increasing violent

    • Zombies are Cool says:

      Anti mzskers and anti vaxxdrs beco.i g increasing violent

      Okay Hairy if you have the vaccine then why should you care if other’s refuse to get the vaccine? Or wear a mask? The vaccine will save you right?

      As you yourself keep saying it is those without vaccines that are being hospitalized and are dying.

      How come you don’t demand that everyone get the flu shot and wear a mask. 50-60 thousand people per year die of the flu. Millions upon millions of lost working time result each year from the flu.

      Or head colds. If we just masked up we would illiminate head colds. Then as our immune system became weaker and weaker when we did contract the cold or flu the death rates would double or triple.

      You know, I know, the world knows that the authoritarian left is using this pandemic as a way to install their agenda which is the elimination of consumption. Nothing more. Nothing less. What they have failed to grasp as they fail to deal effectively with the virus, more deaths occur and people are locked down, told to shut up, can’t buy anything and lose their jobs and their businesses do these nimrods really think the people are going to vote for a leftist not in a lunatic left district again?

      No, and polls are showing that. Yes AOC and Ilan Omar will get reelected but dozens of others wont because in those districts the people actually have a brain and use it.

      • Elwood P. Dowd says:

        50-60 thousand people per year die of the flu

        CDC says 12-51 thousand per year with mean around 30,000/yr over past 10 years.

        Yes, masks would cut the number of influenza deaths per year, especially for those 65 and older (the mass of influenza deaths every year).

  4. Professor Hale says:

    This headline makes no sense. A vaccination rate cannot logically go down. Once you are vaccinated, you stay vaccinated. If the rate of new vaccinations of going down, that is also just common sense. Once most people already have it, that is it mathematically impossible for the rate to increase.

    Same is true for the percent of vaccinated people dying of covid or vaccine complications. Obviously, as the percent of the population that is vaccinated grows, they become the dominant population that is dying from every cause, including getting eaten by sharks.

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