Let’s Go Brandon To Announce Reconciliation Bill Framework Before Jetting Off To Scotland

I’m sure we’ll all be able to see the details of the bill so that we can make an informed decisions on whether to support it or not, right?

Biden to announce new framework on spending deal

President Biden on Thursday will meet with House Democrats to outline the specifics of his economic agenda and push for its passage along with a bipartisan infrastructure deal after months of negotiations.

Biden plans to announce a new framework that is expected to win approval from all Democrats on the Hill, according to a White House source, though it remains to be seen if progressives will get on board with a pared-down version of the proposal.

The president will return to the White House after the meeting at the Capitol and deliver remarks on his agenda and its path forward, a separate White House official said. Biden will leave for a multi-day trip to Europe later Thursday.

Specifics of Biden’s agenda were not immediately clear, making it difficult to know what will make it into his final proposal for an ambitious spending package that would cover funding for climate programs, education, family and child care and more. (snip)

Senators have said a deal is close, but issues including expanding Medicare benefits, empowering the federal government to negotiate lower drug prices, a plan to tax billionaires and the details of a plan to tax methane emissions were holding up an agreement.

What’s in it? Who know?

(Fox Business) The bill is expected to cost between $1.75 trillion and $1.9 trillion, though there is no Congressional Budget Office score or legislative text. It’s also not clear how the bill will be paid for.

Are there details in the 100% partisan bill, or, literally, a framework? They don’t care, because the elected elites will simply pass what they want and you peons can suck it up. And they’ll probably exempt themselves from any tax increases, especially if they manage to get their idea to tax “unrealized tax gains” in there.

(NBC News) The president’s challenge before the House Democratic Caucus is to sell the measure to a group with ranging interests, including progressives who have watched their priorities be whittled away from the bill over months of negotiations to win the support of moderates.

Their priorities. Not the priorities of the American people, who are worried about the economy, rising prices, rising energy costs, lack of goods. Kitchen table stuff. Republicans in the Senate should simply walk away from the “infrastructure” bill, make Democrats do it on their own.

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One Response to “Let’s Go Brandon To Announce Reconciliation Bill Framework Before Jetting Off To Scotland”

  1. Jordan L. Bean says:

    The left has a great plan in store for you with their new tax proposals.

    Your house is worth 200,000 dollars. Print a lot of money and create inflation.

    Your house is now worth 400,000 dollars. Tax you on the 200,000 worth of unrealized gains.

    Unfortunately, you do not have enough money to pay 200,000 dollars worth of taxes based upon the 23.8 percent tax on unrealized gains.

    So this is what Billionaires and Americans are facing in the USA today under Democrats. I use that name loosely because I do think they should change their name to Blowshitviks.

    However, once a tax like this is put in place for billionaires it will be struck down as unconstitutional because it targets a specific group of people. So the left will then say well okay let’s just make this a tax on everyone.

    I mean(Blowshitviks thinking here now)who would make any kind of unrealized gains if they are not uber-rich.

    Well, let me tell you(conservative just trying to survive thinking here now)Nearly everyone who owns a home. But of course, we know that Black Rock will sweep in and buy your home and force you into an apartment controlled by the government.

    Anyone who thinks the Democrats are not communists are deceiving themselves.

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