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Surprise: California AG won’t Share “Gun Violence” Data

Over in the House today, they passed two bills on guns. One, which I’ve mentioned before, simply extends background checks to almost every private transfer. No biggie there, but, hey, I’m sure criminals will comply, right? The other extends the waiting period up to 10 days for the the FBI to have to return the […]

Climahysteria Has Now Spread To TikTok Or Something

TikTok used to be a place where idiots could go to be obsessed, outrage, freaking out, etc (I’m not going to search for examples, which I usually find on the front page of Yahoo, because then I’ll be here all day linking Crazy), along with posting their narcissism and dumb stuff. Apparently to amuse people […]

If All You See…

…is an evil fossil fueled vehicle, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Cold Fury, with a post on Cocaine Bear…wait, what?

Many Grocery Store In Los Angeles Closing Over “Hero Pay”

There’s a price to pay when Government decides that Other People should spend their money in a manner than destroys businesses.  It’s very easy for Government to demand things, another for them to be put in play Kroger will close 3 grocery stores following Los Angeles hazard pay mandate Kroger announced it will close three […]

United Nations: Say, You Countries Aren’t Spending Enough Recovery Money On ‘Climate Change’

Heck, too little of the current $1.9 trillion recovery bill actually goes to helping U.S. citizens. We don’t need more worthless money for ‘climate change’. But, hey, tell you what: I’m good with shifting the hundreds of billions earmarked with rescuing Democrat cities and states (which do not really need it), along with all the […]

CNN: Too Few Are Vaccinated, Another COVID Surge Just Weeks Away

You know, no Americans would be vaccinated if President Trump hadn’t initiated Operation Warp Speed. No Democrat said it could happen so quick, that it would be years before we had any sort of vaccine. First, though Absolutely pic.twitter.com/1bdLMKeUtV — Tom Elliott (@tomselliott) March 10, 2021 This guy is not OK. He also has his […]

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