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Climate Cult Pretty Upset That Conservatives Continue To Say There’s A Debate On ‘Climate Change’

We’re back to “the debate is over.” Because that’s apparently how Science works for climate cultists. Second, conservatives are not the same from country to country. US conservatives are more of Classical Liberals, per Political Theory 101, while Canadian European Conservatives are more Classical Conservatives, and, yeah, there’s a difference. Third, it’s strange that one […]

If All You See…

…is an evil fossil fueled vehicle, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Flopping Aces, with a post on Biden transforming the military from a strong horse to a weak, woke one.

China Joe, Democrats Open To Using Reconciliation For “Infrastructure” Bill

Remember the days when China Joe talked about doing things in a bipartisan manner, about reaching across the aisle? It actually lasted a shorter time than when Obama pulled that schtick. The only reason they would need to push to use reconciliation is if the bill was vastly left wing ‘Open’ to using reconciliation process […]

Young Evangelists Are Super Concerned About Other People’s Carbon Footprints

When a cult attempts to infiltrate and change a religion For These Young Evangelical Activists, Facing the Climate Crisis Is an Act of Faith A few years back, William Morris came to realize just how he could be a light unto the world. Before this precise moment in time, his visions of a missionary life […]

Attacks On Gender Confused Athletes Is Threatening Women’s Sports Or Something

This comes from the brilliant minds SJWs at Glamour, which, if memory serves, is a magazine for biological women Hot take alert. Seriously, what's threatening women's sports is men wearing women's clothes and competing against them https://t.co/G9cHRJECPC — William Teach2 ??????? #refuseresist (@WTeach2) March 22, 2021 But, that would too obvious for these nutters, so, […]

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