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Climahypocrite Matt Damom Says ‘Climate Change’ Will Impact Poor The Most

Let’s check in on Matt Damon, who has a net worth of over $75 million, a bit, shall we? Damon’s 2012 movie Promised Land which attempted to villainize the natural gas industry, was produced “in association with” Image Media Abu Dhabi. That company was owned wholly by the government of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). According to the CIA World Factbook, UAE exported […]

If All You See…

…is an area flooded from carbon pollution, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is neo-neocon, with a post on Democrats not being as dumb as you think, they have a plan.

Kamala Harris Seems Upset That GOP Is Saying Democrats Want To Ban Guns

Kamala is rated 7% by the NRA. She wants to do away with all private ownership of “assault rifles.” She supports massive restrictions on the 2nd Amendment. Democrats have stated that they want to take away the firearms from private citizens. They’ve openly talked about the “Australian solution”, the “UK solution,” the “New Zealand solution” […]

NY Times Seems Pretty Upset That Riders Are Abandoning Public Transport, Which Hurts Climate (scam) Fight

The NY Times was one of the ringleaders in pushing for COVID lockdowns, in everyone staying how, in isolating yourself from everyone else, in fearmongering contact with other people – I’m not saying that social distancing and no touching are not smart measures. They are. I do it. Don’t touch me, no handshakes, not fist […]

China Joe To Open More Concentration Camps For Illegal Kids

Why are so many coming? Because with Joe in the White House and Democrats controlling both the Senate and House (thanks, Never Trumpers), all these migrants think they will all be given free citizenship in the U.S. Meanwhile, homeless Americans, including military veterans, have to fend for themselves Biden administration prepares to activate 2 military […]

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