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Young Aussie Climate Cultists Take Their Case To Court

The Cult seems to take the stance that since they cannot convince people to practice what the Cult preaches, despite 30+ years of spreading awareness, which means legislative bodies, even believer ones, can only get a little bit passed, they will try and get the courts to impose the will of the Cult, failing to […]

If All You See…

…is an evil fossil fueled vehicle, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Diogenes’ Middle Finger, with a post on the media whining that their new boyfriend pays them little attention.

Bummer: The U.S. Is Edging Towards Normal, Alarming Officials

Wasn’t that the point of all the COVID measures, from massive lockdowns and restrictions in some states to much looser ones in others, from mask mandates to business closures to closing schools for a bit (and longer with some states) to developing vaccines (which Dems said wouldn’t happen for years)? Alternate headline: Government officials begin […]

Latest Warmist Idea: 250K Green Apprenticeships For COVID Recovery

Wait, aren’t apprenticeships typically unpaid positions? It’s 2021, not the Middle Ages Boost pandemic recovery with 250,000 green apprenticeships, Friends of the Earth urges A vast skills pipeline of 250,000 green apprenticeships leading to full-time jobs across the burgeoning low carbon economy could address both climate breakdown and the post-Covid crisis in youth unemployment, research […]

Democrats Not Taking Potential Death Of $15 Minimum In “COVID” Bill Very Well

But, then, it’s nothing new for hardcore Leftist to lose their minds when they don’t get their way, much like a 2 year old losing their minds of really dumb things Liberals on fire over failure on $15 minimum wage Liberal senators and outside pressure groups are steaming over the Senate’s seeming failure to move […]

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