Young Aussie Climate Cultists Take Their Case To Court

The Cult seems to take the stance that since they cannot convince people to practice what the Cult preaches, despite 30+ years of spreading awareness, which means legislative bodies, even believer ones, can only get a little bit passed, they will try and get the courts to impose the will of the Cult, failing to see that the taxes and loss of freedom, liberty and choice will effect themselves

‘A duty of care’: Australian teenagers take their climate crisis plea to court

Eight teenagers and an octogenarian nun head to an Australian court on Tuesday to launch what they hope will prove to be a landmark case – one that establishes the federal government’s duty of care in protecting future generations from a worsening climate crisis.

If successful, the people behind the class action believe it may set a precedent that stops the government approving new fossil fuel projects.

As with any novel legal argument, its chances of success are unclear, but the case is not happening in isolation.

It is one of a number of climate-related litigation cases expected before Australian courts and tribunals in the months ahead as lawyers and activists aim to use the law to force change they say is not coming quickly enough from Canberra or, in many cases, state governments.

Their arguments apparently aren’t good enough to sway Other People to Comply. They should have started with practicing what they preach.

The lead applicant of the case in the federal court in Melbourne this week is Anj Sharma, a 16-year-old student. Her involvement evolved from her role helping organise a Greta Thunberg-inspired school strike for climate in September 2019, when about 100,000 marched in the Victorian capital.

The case is a response to a proposal by Whitehaven Coal to extend its Vickery coalmine in northern New South Wales. The expansion of the mine could lead to an extra 100m tonnes of CO2 – about 20% of Australia’s annual climate footprint – being released into the atmosphere as the extracted coal is shipped overseas and burned to make steel and generate electricity.

The teenagers and their legal team argue the federal environment minister, Sussan Ley, would be breaching a common law duty of care to protect younger people against future harm if she used her powers under national environment laws to allow the mine extension to go ahead.

It’s always something with these people. Let’s see them power their smartphones with solar. Let’s see them sweat and freeze in school. Let’s see them have to walk or bike to school and everywhere else. Let’s see what happens when they can’t stream their shows and videos, cannot upload and watch their silly selfie videos.

Anj says all eight have “very personal stories about climate change”, including the changing impact of the monsoon season on family members in India and witnessing firsthand the impact of fracking for coal-seam gas.

“Stories”. Whatever. You’re children.

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9 Responses to “Young Aussie Climate Cultists Take Their Case To Court”

  1. Est1950 says:

    A lawyer friend of mine says they have an old saying. Sue, sue and sue some more. It only takes ONE win to change everything.

  2. Est1950 says:

    Unfortunately we are about to find out how scared shitless the Supreme court has become. We all know they are terrified of the cancel culture of the left. They are terrified their beautiful mansions will be protested if they dare rule against the crazed left.

    Well right now before the Supreme court is a case brought to them by the State of Arizona about voter reform. In this case Arizona is arguing that safeguards are needed to ensure that the future of elections are safeguarded.

    The other side is arguing that it is voter intimidation. You know its horrible that another person cannot turn in your ballot for you or that a mail box might be an inconvient distance from your house or even more disconcerting is that millions of unsolicited ballots cannot be collected and turned in as if these voters actually bothered to fill out ballots and then gave them to armies of operatives collecting them.

    In short. Arizona is arguing against what happened in 2020 and those that are arguing against Arizona is arguing voter suppression saying it should be just fine that the states can send out millions of unsolicitied ballots, those ballots can then be harvested and turned in without signatures.

    So by any stretch of the imagination, what happened in 2020 cannot be allowed to stand. Also on the docket is the premise that state officials can change election law without the legislature.

    We will soon find out how terrified the Supreme court is of the left and when they rule in favor of mass chaos at the ballot boxes. The USA is finished as a nation.

    And while the left may think this a win for them I can assure you the right is already organizing their armies to harvest ballots, fill out ballots and turn in their share of those millions and millions of illegal ballots because what the hell? Right.

    The Supreme court is fixing to rule that your vote really doesn’t count. What counts who which party can cheat the most.

    • Professor Hale says:

      “And while the left may think this a win for them I can assure you the right is already organizing their armies to harvest ballots, fill out ballots and turn in their share of those millions and millions of illegal ballots because what the hell? Right.”

      I doubt that is true. Obedience to the law is a defining characteristic of the Right. That is why there was never any possibility of armed rebellion over the 2020 election outcome. Only one side is above the law and acts like it.

      • Est1950 says:

        I doubt that is true. Obedience to the law is a defining characteristic of the Right. That is why there was never any possibility of armed rebellion over the 2020 election outcome. Only one side is above the law and acts like it.

        Perhaps you did not follow the gist of my post. The Supreme court will RULE THIS LEGAL. Therefore it is not disobedience to the law.

        I know of dozens of groups already planning to do this. The primary groups involved? Churches. The charismatic movement in 2016 turned out for Trump by a record 86 percent. In 2020 that number dropped to 72 percent.

        Churches are already preparing to harvest LEGAL BALLOTS since the Supreme court will rule it legal and there are 10’s of thousands of churches around the country. This is why the left locked down the country and made it illegal to go to church.

        They know that this country is 80 percent Christian and in 2016 it was the single handed thing that led Trump to win the election.

        Do not doubt it for a second. The best thing the Supreme court can do is rule in favor of Arizona but they will not. They are cowards.

  3. Kye says:

    It is a win for the left. They control every facet of American life from who gets to keep their businesses, to who gets to work, all of the media and social media which are censoring speech, all the educational-financial and informational institutions, Silicon Valley and Hollywood and soon Gates will own all the food producing farm land.

    The reason our Capitol is an armed camp is because the left ain’t finished. Soon, very soon, they will be kicking in doors for our guns and taking private IRA’s to “provide humanitarian aid” to the millions of illegal “children” currently held in shipping containers by the compassionate Xiden Junta.

    The left has stolen an election and with it The Republic. The Elwood’s would like nothing better than to exterminate the 75 million Trump voters and their 75 million family members.

    I grew up hearing about how “Americans would never let…”

    We owe many apologies to Madame Defarge, the good people of Salem, Mass., and those living in Europe during the first half of the 20th century. We have inherited their backbone and White people are the modern day German Jews.

    • Elwood P. Dowd says:


      You’ve adopted the violent ideology of david and other reactionary anti-Americans.

      No, the “left” does not control every facet of American life. It may seem that way to the far-alt-right social warriors what with gay marriage, abortion access, acceptance of global warming as real, talk of a higher minimum wage, universal healthcare… This flies in the face of the nuGOP as dominated by trumpists. At this time, Americans dominate American life. The far-alt-right should be proud of themselves for making themselves so important, especially being the minority they are! The Repubican Party has become increasingly extremist since the 80s… Reaganomics, Tea Party, now trumpism – white nationalists, neoNazis, OathKeepers, fascism, KKK, Proud Boys – culminating in an assault on Democracy by assaulting the US Capitol as the House and Senate met to certify the election of Mr Biden.

      No, the “left” will not be “kicking in doors for our guns” or “taking private IRA’s to provide humanitarian aid to millions of illegal children”.

      No, the left did not steal an election, they DID win an election, that trump COULD have won as an incumbent if he had paid attention to his day job.

      The media and social media cannot “censor” speech.

      Our Capitol is guarded to protect from the next alt-right street gang of violent white supremacists, Proud Boys, OathKeepers, QAnons, neoNazis etc. You may not remember but on Jan 6 an alt-right street gang of violent white supremacists, Proud Boys, OathKeepers, QAnons, neoNazis assaulted the US Capitol building intent on canceling the certification of the Presidential election and canceling then VP Mike Pence. It was in all the papers. Believers of Q now say that Mr Trump will ride in with the military on Mar 4 (The “Storm”) and cancel the Bidens, Obamas, Clintons, Pelosi, Schumer etc and Trump will take his “rightful” place as America’s permanent ruler. Sounds fascist and authoritarian to us.

      • drowningpuppies says:

        Just another unremarkable Rimjob conspiracy rant.

        Be afraid, little fella, be very, very afraid.


  4. Kye says:

    It is amazing, drowningpuppies, that regardless of citations, provable facts and reports, news items, affidavits, videos and a plethora of observations, personal and anecdotal reports and just fukin common sense The Elwood refuses even to CONSIDER any of those items he listed. He basically just waves them away as nonsense.

    Yet, in the same diatribe mentions his usual little boogey men collage of White supremacist’s knowing (or should be knowing) that in total they constitute about 3,000 whackos whereas there are at least 65,000 members of the radical demofascist supported, anti American communist Black Lives Matters Terrorist organization and ALL those Institutions I listed support them financially and/or morally. And there are at least 36 chapters of the Fascist Antifa terrorist cult containing thousands themselves. Those two groups together rioted, burned, looted, murdered and more in at least 26 American cities and The Elwood considers about 140 protesters, 40-50 actual rioters lead by the Antifa/BLM assets at the Capitol to protest what they believe is their dis enfranchisement in the last election a fuking “insurrection”. Really? Can one useful idiot be that stupid. Well, I believe he can.

    The ruling elite has decided to turn the global war on terror infrastructure inward, onto their political opposition and The Elwood denies what we all see as a mirage. The Elwood being a mini-Elite and a dick sucker to the Chairman Xiden and his staff of perverts, commies and misfits is elated to drive America into abyss of history.

    This isn’t living. It’s free-range Gitmo. And The Elwood’s of America will be our Gulag keepers.

  5. Kye says:

    “You’ve adopted the violent ideology of david and other reactionary anti-Americans.”

    I have adopted no such ideology you projecting fool. Self defense is not a violent ideology. Killing four unarmed American Patriots protesting a fraudulent election at their Capitol IS. Surrounding the Capitol with armed troops IS. Silencing by censorship the voice of The People IS. Burning, looting and murdering in our cities for 8 months IS. Stop lying Elwood. Open your fuking eyes.

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