Attacks On Gender Confused Athletes Is Threatening Women’s Sports Or Something

This comes from the brilliant minds SJWs at Glamour, which, if memory serves, is a magazine for biological women

But, that would too obvious for these nutters, so, they’re going to dig in for some crazy rationales

Attacks on Transgender Athletes Are Threatening Women’s Sports

When a parent thinks of their daughter having the opportunity to play sports, they might picture themselves waking up early to drive her to the skating rink, or imagine they’ll spend hours of their lives in the car driving to tournaments. They may consider the countless weeks and months of training she will put in. They likely never consider the possibility that their daughter may be forced to undergo an exam of her reproductive anatomy in order to be eligible to take the field.

That’s exactly what’s being proposed by some three dozen bills that have been introduced across the U.S. in the past year (many since the start of the current legislative session) which claim to “protect” girls’ sports by attacking trans girls’ right to compete. Their arguments hinge on the inaccurate belief that trans girls have a “biological advantage” against cis girls in athletic competition and are therefore a threat to girls’ sports.

Who gets to compete as a woman, from college sports to the Olympics, is often based on hormone levels. And while there are plenty of arguments about why the science and evidence to support this line of thinking is faulty, there is another concern that’s so rarely discussed—ideas around bodily autonomy and consent, not just for the trans athletes these policies are attacking, but for cis girls and intersex athletes caught up in the transphobic witch hunt.

You know who should get to compete as a woman? A real woman. One not born with a penis. Ones born with the XX chromosome. A man taking female chromosomes is, get this, still male. And, considering how many women are complaining about having to compete against biological males, ones who do crummy against other males but tend to dominate female sports, I doubt they have a problem proving they have no penis.

In sports, especially at the elite level, there is perhaps more of a need to know things about people’s bodies than there would be in other jobs. The body is the tool, the instrument required to do the job—elite athletes are subject to rigorous doping standards; student athletes receive physicals before competing. But why should a trans athlete (or any athlete) have to disclose what gender-affirming surgeries they have or have not had or what their body parts look like? And what happens when we ask children to undergo genital exams in order to compete in sports?

Well, it wouldn’t be a problem if y’all lunatic Democrats weren’t pushing to normalize mental health problems. I think we can all tell who is a male and who is a female, and they used to be able to count on a birth certificate to show whether the child was male or female, as determined by the doctor at birth.

Under the guise of saving girls’ sports and protecting girls and women, the current and proposed legislation in Idaho, Arizona, Georgia, Iowa, New Hampshire, and other states would require minor athletes to provide “proof” of their sex—that means trans girls, cis girls, and anyone suspected of being trans could have to undergo a genital exam before they’d be allowed to hit the court or the track or the field with their teammates (the original version of a bill introduced in Mississippi included this provision, but that was eventually removed from the bill that Gov. Tate Reeves signed into law last week). Many of the bills mirror the language of HB 500 in Idaho, which passed in 2020 and was subsequently enjoined in a lawsuit by the American Civil Liberties Union; it requires that a person “prove” their sex by confirming their chromosomes, reproductive anatomy, or endogenous testosterone levels. (snip)

First, it should go without saying that subjecting girls and women to invasive exams and requirements to “prove” their gender is not protecting women at all. Beyond that, there is no medical basis for these exams and absolutely “no health reason to examine someone’s genitals before engaging in sports activities,” says Leah Torres, M.D., an ob-gyn at the West Alabama Women’s Center in Tuscaloosa.

Have y’all asked biologic females if they’re OK with this? Maybe you should ask them. They know who’s female and who’s male in the locker rooms, bathrooms, and showers. It’s pretty darned easy to prove.

Ultimately, transphobia and transmisogyny do more than just harm the trans women and girls who are at the receiving end of it—though that should be enough to condemn it. Its harms trickle outward, jeopardizing the safety of all girls. “For legislators to put forward a legal requirement to violate these basic tenants of medical practice and interpersonal respect is unthinkably cruel and inhumane,” says Torres. “There is no public good that comes from traumatizing teenagers by violating their bodily autonomy.”

This is just a made Excuse to make sure that gender confused males are able to compete as females, nothing more. They’re normalizing crazy. I’m betting women who compete in sports are more concerned with mentally unwell men pretending they’re women and taking away the wins that real women worked for, taking away their records, taking away their scholarships.

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2 Responses to “Attacks On Gender Confused Athletes Is Threatening Women’s Sports Or Something”

  1. alanstorm says:

    Attacks on Transgender Athletes Are Threatening Women’s Sports

    When you start out with a false premise, it isn’t going to get any better.

  2. Kye says:

    I think it’s hilarious that all these leftist a-holes who have been so woke about women’s rights, feminism and “duh patriarchy” have now gone so leftist they will destroy not only women’s sports but women’s rights just to define another “victim” group of White/Christian/racism. It’s even funnier when you realize the people who they are promoting as “victims” i.e. transsexuals (the new name for psychologically screwed up transvestites) are not in any way an independent sex.

    Look at what leftist “celebrities” are doing to their children and be thankful they are leftists and not normies who are deliberately destroying their progeny.

    Talk about your child abuse……

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