United Nations: Say, You Countries Aren’t Spending Enough Recovery Money On ‘Climate Change’

Heck, too little of the current $1.9 trillion recovery bill actually goes to helping U.S. citizens. We don’t need more worthless money for ‘climate change’. But, hey, tell you what: I’m good with shifting the hundreds of billions earmarked with rescuing Democrat cities and states (which do not really need it), along with all the money for schools (which still have billions left from previous COVID bills), especially since so much of it is for 2022 and future years, and shifting it into R&D for better renewable power sources, including nuclear. And none of it should go to the moochers at the U.N.

UN: Too little of recovery spending fights climate change

Nations are spending unprecedented amounts of money to bounce back from the pandemic and the economic shock it triggered, but less than one dollar out of five spent so far will help fight global warming and heal nature, a new United Nations report says.

The top economies have laid out more than $14.6 trillion to date to rebound from last year’s crisis, with nearly $2 trillion of that aimed at long-term recovery. But only $341 billion — about 18% — of that COVID-19 economic recovery money is going to green spending and “building back better,” according to Wednesday’s report by the United Nations Environment Programme and Oxford University.

Build back better is part of The Great Reset, which is a push for Progressivism (nice Fascism) and corporatism control.

“It seems like the world is trying to put out a house fire with a garden hose, while a perfectly good hydrant is available just next door,” said report lead author Brian O’Callaghan of the Oxford University’s Economic Recovery Project. He said the report highlights missed opportunities, singling out Australia where only 2% of $130 billion in recovery spending is green-oriented.

The report focuses on long-term spending, such as on roads, buildings and energy projects, as opposed to quick relief, such as unemployment checks and other emergency relief to keep people and businesses afloat.

It’s very easy to spend Other People’s Money and yammer about saying “screw relief to people who are suffering”, eh?

Countries in a hurry often choose familiar economic methods instead of investing in “a sustainable inclusive future” which involves shifting the way society acts, said German environment minister Svenja Schulze.

Using a global pandemic, with all the accompanying misery and death, for government to take more power to control people.

If the world concentrates on clean energy spending it can come out of this crisis “definitely more able to deal with the abrupt shock that climate change demonstrably is imposing on our societies,” said International Monetary Fund Managing Director Kristalina Georgieva. She said the world needs to “create more jobs and better economic opportunities by investing money in the right way, not the wrong way.”

So, then private companies can do so with their own money.

With 82% of the recovery spending not being green, it supports the status quo which is heading in the wrong direction in terms of the environment and income inequality, O’Callaghan said, adding that about 2% to 3% of the spending is actually “dirty,” boosting use of climate-damaging fossil fuel.

Is it O’Callaghan’s money? No? He, along with the rest of the Warmists, are welcome to invest their own money into so-called green projects. Heck, I triple do dare all the U.S. climate cultists to take their $1,400 stimulus checks and put them into something green. Buy a nice bike and ride it everywhere instead of taking a fossil fueled trip. Or something. Till then, shut up, you do nothing in your own lives, and take the UN with you, since they couldn’t survive without the money of nations who take it from people who work.

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2 Responses to “United Nations: Say, You Countries Aren’t Spending Enough Recovery Money On ‘Climate Change’”

  1. Professor Hale says:

    I suspect if the USA were to spend what we currently send to the UN to “climate change” instead, UN bureaucrats would blow a seal.

  2. MrToad says:

    I don’t think the UN is saying anything at all. I think leadership’s paymasters, Communist China is having the UN imply that the United States isn’t kicking in enough.

    And you know what? The Quid administration will agree with them. Because….Trump.

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