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Trump Admin To Implement Global Climate Standards For Aviation, Cultists Still Not Happy

The Trump admin should implement hardcore climate standards for anyone flying to a climate conference US says it will adopt global climate standards for aviation — though environmental groups still not pleased The Trump administration said Wednesday that it plans to adopt aircraft emissions standards modeled on international ones, a move it says will not further reduce […]

New Climate Cult Study Rules Out Less Severe Scenarios Or Something

Climate cultists must be upset that the media and most people are still ignoring the climate crisis (scam) during the Bat Soup Virus occurrence. Seriously, I’ve mentioned before that it has become rather difficult to find any articles of interest over the past months, so, scaremongering time! (note: this is from the Seattle Times, which […]

If All You See…

…is a horrible fossil fueled vehicle, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Raised On Hoecakes, with a post on fabricating evidence against the folks who held off a mob with firearms.

Surprise: Blocked Firearms Applications Skyrocket

This is supposed to mean something Bad about firearms applications Blocked gun sales skyrocket amid coronavirus pandemic Internal FBI data reveal a jarring new stat: The number of people trying to buy guns who can’t legally own them has skyrocketed. That came as part of a surge in gun purchases in the first three months […]

If You Believe In Climate Crisis (scam) You Have To Vote For Joe Biden Or Something

Better yet, practice what you preach and and give up your own use of fossil fuels, etc and so on. This opinion piece is by Warmist Tom Steyer, who flamed out during the Democratic primary while running mostly on ‘climate change’, along with his climate cultist buddy Jay Inslee. Democrat voters didn’t really care that […]

Portland Rioters Worry Message On BLM Might Be Lost In Translation

What, exactly, is the message when mostly white Leftists are involved with vandalism, graffiti, property damage, assault, and arson, among others? What does it have to do with black lives matter?Just because they have signs (saying f*ck the police) doesn’t mean they really care, seems more about violence for the sake of violence Portland protesters […]

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