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We Can’t Solve The Climate Crisis (scam) Unless Black Lives Matter Or Something

I guess this makes sense, since both movements are hardcore Leftist/Marxist (they’re Comrades try an say they aren’t, but, their agenda says they are (also, racist)) We Can’t Solve the Climate Crisis Unless Black Lives Matter The Black Lives Matter movement is not a distraction from saving the planet. We can’t solve the climate crisis without people […]

If All You See…

…is a horrible big home that Other People shouldn’t be allowed to live in, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Blazing Cat Fur, with a post on Leftists freaking out over some liberals supporting free speech.

Ford Employees Demand Company Stop Making Police Vehicles

Well, hey, if Ford stopped making them there would be less of a need for these employees to have jobs Ford faces internal pressure to end production of police-spec vehicles A group of Ford employees has reportedly asked company executives to rethink its role in supplying vehicles to law enforcement organizations, making it the first […]

Good News: Wall Street Is To Blame For ‘Climate Change’, Police Brutality, And The Wealth Gap

Think ahead to July 2021: other than a few uber-leftist cities defunding their police, either partially or totally, causing a massive spike in criminal activity and people and companies abandoning those cities, nothing will have been done for real on police reform. Why? Because uber-leftists added all their pet issues into the mix, making it […]

Biden Releases America First “Economic Plan”, Forgetting His Dismal Record During Obama Years

Hey, remember when Democrats made fun of Trump wanting products made in America? Wanting manufacturing in America? Biden pushes populist ‘made in America’ plan to pump up economy Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden returned to his childhoold hometown in Pennsylvania on Thursday during a trip where he proposed spending $700 billion on American products […]

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