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Seattle NHL Arena To Be Named “Climate Pledge Arena” By Amazon

As of this time, the Seattle expansion NHL team doesn’t even have a name or logo or anything. But Amazon to Name Seattle NHL Arena the ‘Climate Pledge Arena’ As part of Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos’ commitment to climate change, Seattle’s new NHL arena will be named Climate Pledge Arena. The arena, which was formerly […]

If All You See…

…is a horrible carbon pollution infused beer, you might just be a Warmist IAYS The blog of the day is The Daley Gator, with a post on being fired for a finger offense.

Durham Activists In Very Leftist City Demand Very Leftist Mayor Do Something For Blacks

Durham, North Carolina is a very leftist city in a very leftist county, one which voted over 70% for Hillary, Obama, and John Kerry. Everything is run by Democrats. So, why is this all necessary? Durham protesters take their demands to mayor’s house for ‘honest conversation’ For weeks, protesters in Durham have taken to the […]

Surprise: Actions To Solve ‘Climate Change’ May Not Show Up for 30 Years

Get this, we’re supposed to give up lots of our money, along with freedom, liberty, and choice, and won’t know if it will make any difference anytime soon Even if we start to fix climate change, the proof may not show up for 30 years The young climate activists clamoring today for rapid cuts to […]

Dems Tlaib, Pressley Introduce Bill Defunding Police, Giving Reparations

They must be trying to turn the nation into an area similar to fellow Squad member Ilhan Omar’s nation of origin, Somalia ‘Squad’ Dems Tlaib, Pressley introduce bill bill to defund police, give reparations Two congressional “squad” members unveiled a wide-ranging proposal Tuesday to defund police departments and establish a reparations program for African Americans […]

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