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Climate Cultists Look To Pass Law To Make ‘Climate Change’ Illegal Or Something

Funny thing is, the vast majority of Warmists fail to practice what they preach The law that could make climate change illegal Imagine this: it’s 2030 and a country has just missed its target for cutting carbon emissions, that was set back in 2020. People are frustrated, but several governments have come and gone since […]

If All You See…

…is a tropical tree that will soon grow in northern countries, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Sultan Knish, with a post on the Israel hatred from Biden’s foreign policy boss.

Surprise: Easily Offended People Less Productive, Bad Employees

The hell you say! Study Reveals That Easily Offended People Are Less Productive, Bad Employees A study conducted by a Professor at San Diego State University has discovered that people who are easily offended make terrible employees because they never get anything done. The study, conducted by Dr. Jeremy Berneth (WT – actually, Bernerth), involved […]

Rare Clouds May Be Harbinger Of Climate Doom Or Something

This is probably your fault for taking a long shower with the lights on, followed by a hearty breakfast with evil sausage. And your fossil fueled trip to work all alone? The climate gods want to have a word with you Rare night clouds may be warning sign of climate crisis Something magical appeared at […]

Cancel Culture: Descendant Of Thomas Jefferson Calls For Removing D.C. Monument

Someone got infected with Virtue Signal Syndrome. And is anyone surprised that the NY Times would publish this? When does the NY Times get cancelled, considering it stole the property for its current building from People of Color via eminent domain? From Thomas Jefferson’s own family, a call to take down his memorial A direct […]

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