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Bummer: Handsy Joe Says We Only Have 9 Years Left From Climate Crisis (scam) Doom

Joe Biden should tell all his supporters to stop taking fossil fueled trips, give up their intake of meat, and go live in tents Biden on Climate Change: Only Nine Years Left but Net Zero Emissions ‘No Later than 2050′ Former vice president and Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden said Tuesday the United States only has nine […]

If All You See…

…is a sea that will soon swamp all the land, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Watcher Of Weasels, with a post on Portland’s mayor blaming Trump for the rising violence in the city.

Surprise: Forthcoming Redskins Name Change Is Just A Start

When you give in to SJWs they won’t stop. They’ll keep demanding more Native Americans say Washington’s name change ‘signals the beginning’ of further reckoning It was more than a sports logo, it was a symbol. On Monday, Washington’s NFL team announced that it would change its nickname and logo, which has been long been decried as racist […]

Burger King Goes Climate Cult On Cow Emissions

Just, just, just shut up and serve burgers. That’s your job. Serve fast food. Burger King addresses climate change by changing cows’ diets, reducing cow farts Burger King is staging an intervention with its cows. The chain has rebalanced the diet of some of the cows by adding lemon grass in a bid to limit […]

NYC Black Leaders Suddenly Realize That Getting Rid Of Cops And Anti-Crime Unit Is A Bad Idea

New York City hasn’t gotten rid of their police yet, though they did vote to cut the NYPD’s budget by a billion dollars, which will mean lots and lots of officers gone. Officers are leaving and retiring at a much higher rate than usual. And citizens are seeing a much higher rate of crime already, […]

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