Bummer: Handsy Joe Says We Only Have 9 Years Left From Climate Crisis (scam) Doom

Joe Biden should tell all his supporters to stop taking fossil fueled trips, give up their intake of meat, and go live in tents

Biden on Climate Change: Only Nine Years Left but Net Zero Emissions ‘No Later than 2050′

Former vice president and Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden said Tuesday the United States only has nine years to address climate change as he vowed to deliver net zero emissions by 2050 — 30 years from now.

“We’ll lock in progress that no future president can roll back or undercut to take us backward again,” Biden outlined in a speech. “Science requires a time table for measuring progress on climate that isn’t three decades or even two.” 

“Science tells us we have nine years before the damage is irreversible,” Biden said.

“So my time table results is my first four years as president,” Biden said. “The jobs we’ll create, the investments we’ll make, and irreversible steps we’ll take to mitigate and adopt to the climate change and put our nation on the road to net zero emissions no later than 2050.

Hey, remember when it was 12 years left the other year? And St. Greta says 8 years left. And it was 18 months last July. And Prince Charles said we had 96 months left in 2009. That prognostication died 2 years ago. And the “500 days left to avoid climate doom” in 2014. And so many more. Are these climate cultists and extreme enviroweenies ever right?

Guess I’m going to have to do a couple Biden Hotcoldwetdry graphics, eh?

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