Climate Cultists Look To Pass Law To Make ‘Climate Change’ Illegal Or Something

Funny thing is, the vast majority of Warmists fail to practice what they preach

The law that could make climate change illegal

Imagine this: it’s 2030 and a country has just missed its target for cutting carbon emissions, that was set back in 2020. People are frustrated, but several governments have come and gone since the goal was set. “Don’t blame us,” the current government says. “We didn’t take the decisions that led us here.”

The short-term cycles of government can be a real problem for climate change. Even if climate goals are laid down in law, there can often be few concrete measures to stop a succession of governments from taking decisions that collectively end up with them being missed.

But a new and ambitious climate law recently passed in Denmark tries to find a way around this problem, and some of the other common pitfalls of climate laws. It makes Denmark one of a small number of countries beginning to provide new blueprints of how government can genuinely tackle climate change. Its law could turn out to be one of the closest things yet to a law that would make climate change – or at least the lack of effort to stop it – genuinely illegal.

In January 2019, a petition was launched for a climate law that would bring Denmark in line with the Paris Agreement. After one week, it had been signed by more than 50,000 people – around 1% of Denmark’s population.

The demands of the petition failed to gain overall parliamentary support at the time, but became part of a growing climate movement that swept Denmark last year, along with much of the world. By the time Denmark’s election arrived in June, climate change had become a top election issue.

Once in office, Denmark’s new government, a coalition of left-wing parties led by the Social Democrats, began work on an ambitious climate law, which came into force in June. It is one of the strongest laws of its kind in the world, because it avoids five big pitfalls of climate laws elsewhere.

I’m 100% in favor of this: they can serve as the experimental group, and we can see what happens to Denmark. Their main exports are wind turbines, pharmaceuticals, machinery and instruments, meat and meat products, dairy products, fish, and furniture. How will they send them to Germany (15.5%), Sweden (11.6%), United Kingdom (8.2%), United States (7.5%), Norway (6.0%), and China (4.4%)?

The top imports of Denmark are Cars ($5.09B), Refined Petroleum ($4.52B), Passenger and Cargo Ships ($3.53B), Packaged Medicaments ($3.32B), and Crude Petroleum ($2.57B). Looks like they need to cut out the fossil fuels.

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2 Responses to “Climate Cultists Look To Pass Law To Make ‘Climate Change’ Illegal Or Something”

  1. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    Ad nauseum, PG types: the vast majority of (slur) fail to practice what they preach

    Of course, PG doesn’t know this. That’s fallacy number 1. Second, even if true it’s irrelevant, IOW an ad hominem attack.

    And he opens with this! Solid argument there, PG.

    Later he attacks Denmark, but never addresses the issue of global warming.

  2. Jl says:

    Because again, it’s not global warming, it’s the alleged effects of global warming.

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