If You Believe In Climate Crisis (scam) You Have To Vote For Joe Biden Or Something

Better yet, practice what you preach and and give up your own use of fossil fuels, etc and so on. This opinion piece is by Warmist Tom Steyer, who flamed out during the Democratic primary while running mostly on ‘climate change’, along with his climate cultist buddy Jay Inslee. Democrat voters didn’t really care that much. Oh, and Steyer made his money off of fossil fuels

Anyone Who Cares About the Climate Must Vote for Joe Biden | Opinion

We’ve heard it a million times: This is the most important election of our lifetimes. A global pandemic, burning planet, ongoing plague of systemic racism, a sitting president who is incapable and unwilling to lead on these issues. We are in crisis. Yet over time, the climate crisis poses the greatest threat to our country and our world.

In recent weeks, I’ve had the opportunity to talk extensively and openly with Joe Biden about climate policy, environmental justice, clean energy jobs and the need for global American leadership. He is committed to acting with the urgency this moment demands, as well as listening to and learning from local leaders and affected families across the country, especially communities of color, who bear the brunt of our climate crisis. His “Build Back Better” plan demonstrates his commitment to working with frontline communities to create an inclusive and sustainable green economy.

But any economic justification for sticking with a fossil fuel–based economy is crumbling. Since the pandemic, nearly half of Wells Fargo’s bad loans have come from oil and gas. An economy powered by oil, gas and fossil fuels is no longer sustainable in any sense of the word, and Joe knows this. His climate plan is a jobs plan. His vision for our country’s economic future isn’t based on archaic, corrupt powers, but rather on what’s best for all Americans.

Joe gets it. The former vice president understands that unchecked bad actors have intentionally and continuously poisoned the air and water across this nation—especially in lower-income communities and communities of color. Joe sees environmental justice as personal because it is. What is more personal than the air your children breathe and the asthma they get because of the neighborhood you can afford to live in? What is more personal than the water you drink that has been tainted by corporate polluters? These problems are real and demand a response from a leader who cares about people.

If they’re so important, why do Warmists do so little in their own lives? Why do people like Joe and Tom have massive carbon footprints, well beyond what the average American has? Why do they make zero attempt to modify their own lives?

This election will transform the trajectory of our nation and our planet. The next president will lead our response to the pandemic, the economy and the climate crisis. There is a massive gulf between the two candidates for president. And no question about who is better equipped to lead us out of the desert. That is why I am doing everything possible to elect Joe Biden and why I’m asking you to do the exact same thing.

There are times when I actually want to see this stuff enacted, which will result in all those voters going “hey, wait a minute, I didn’t think I was voting for all those bad things. You know, the higher taxes, higher energy costs, skyrocketing cost of living, loss of jobs, unreliable energy, too expensive and restrictive to travel, economy in the toilet, freedom, liberty, and choice taken away. I thought those things would only apply to Other People, not me! They lied to me.”

If you want all those things, vote Joe. Before you do, ask yourselves why the grand high poobahs of the Cult of Climastrology never match their actions with their rhetoric.

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2 Responses to “If You Believe In Climate Crisis (scam) You Have To Vote For Joe Biden Or Something”

  1. Dana says:

    Mr Steyer wrote:

    An economy powered by oil, gas and fossil fuels is no longer sustainable in any sense of the word, and Joe knows this.

    Let’s see, 63% of our electric generating capacity comes from burning coal, oil or natural gas, while over 95% of the personal vehicles on the road are powered by the internal combustion engine. All airplanes are powered by burning fossil fuels. 50% of American homes are heated in the winter by natural gas, another 5% by heating oil, and another 5% by propane.

    Even if Joe Biden wins, and puts the most cockamamie warmunist in charge of the Department of Energy, such massive use of fossil fuels cannot be replaced for decades to come. If Mr Steyer is talking about fifty years from now as defining sustainable, well, who knows what the distant future will bring, but most corporations look at the future as being next quarter.

  2. alanstorm says:

    “If You Believe In Climate Crisis (scam) You Have To Vote For Joe Biden Or Something”

    Makes sense to me – If you are gullible beyond belief, there’s no more appropriate candidate!

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