Trump Admin To Implement Global Climate Standards For Aviation, Cultists Still Not Happy

The Trump admin should implement hardcore climate standards for anyone flying to a climate conference

US says it will adopt global climate standards for aviation — though environmental groups still not pleased

The Trump administration said Wednesday that it plans to adopt aircraft emissions standards modeled on international ones, a move it says will not further reduce climate-damaging emissions from planes.

Andrew Wheeler, administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency, said the change “strikes the right regulatory balance” and would ensure that U.S.-made airliners and large business jets meet the demands of the global market.

Environmental groups, which had threatened to sue EPA over delays in setting greenhouse gas limits for aviation, said the agency’s proposal does not go far enough.

The Center for Biological Diversity called it “toothless.” The rules “are too weak to address the severity of the climate crisis,” said Clare Lockwood, the group’s climate legal director.

Yet, these same groups won’t give up their own use of fossil fueled flying.

The new U.S. proposal is modeled on a change adopted by the International Civil Aviation Organization, a United Nations agency, to limit climate-damaging carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxides. Since airline makers globally are expected to follow the new international standards anyway, “the EPA is not projecting emission reductions associated with today’s proposed GHG regulations,” or greenhouse gas rules, the EPA description of the change notes.

You can never satisfy climate cultists, so, why bother?

The Obama administration concluded that aviation contributes to climate change, endangering public health. That set Wednesday’s proposed rule in motion. The EPA says U.S. aviation accounts for 3% of the country’s overall climate-changing emissions.

Oh, wait, so, if it was good enough for Obama, should be good enough for Warmists, right? Right?

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2 Responses to “Trump Admin To Implement Global Climate Standards For Aviation, Cultists Still Not Happy”

  1. Jl says:

    2 down, 6 to go. This young man is going to quite rich when all this is over due to the monumental stupidity of the liberal media

    • formwiz says:

      Kid’s worth better than half a bil.

      All the Lefties, Jeffery among them, had to do was keep their big mouths shut and they wouldn’t have gotten socked, but, Nooooooo, they couldn’t resist trying to destroy the kid’s life.

      I love the smell of schaudenfreude in the evening.

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