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We Can Stop ‘Climate Change’ And Make The World A Better Place Or Something

It’s interesting that Cult of Climastrology moppets always go to the same well, and think that it will somehow not ruin people’s lives. Here we have Rick Stafford in phys.org How to stop climate change: six ways to make the world a better place Nobel Peace Prize nominee Greta Thunberg claims we need system change […]

If All You See…

…is a wonderful apartment building keeping everyone together to reduce carbon footprints, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Brass Pills, with a post on the top 3 reasons (liberal) men declare themselves feminists.

Washington Post: Male Dems Who Say They Get Misogyny Should Drop Out

Suzanna Danuta Walters, writing on the opinion pages of the Washington Post, takes Identity Politics to a whole new level If male candidates want to show they get it, they should get out In 2013, Facebook Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg urged women to “lean in” to their power and break through that pesky glass […]

Your Love Of Wine Is Driving ‘Climate Change’ Or Something

See, on one hand, high ranking poobahs in the Cult of Climastrology have stated that ‘climate change’ will ruin wine (forgetting that previous warm periods saw great wines being produced in England). And the other hand How Does Your Love of Wine Contribute to Climate Change? Consumers don’t have access to much information about how […]

NY Times Finally Decides To Notice Rising Jew Hatred In Their Own Paper And Around The World

It only took them publishing multiple anti-Semitic cartoons and getting slammed A Rising Tide of Anti-Semitism The Times published an appalling political cartoon in the opinion pages of its international print edition late last week. It portrayed Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel as a dog wearing a Star of David on a collar. He […]

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