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Your Burger Habit Could Make Trees Live Fast And Die Young Or Something

Hot take alert, because the Cult of Climastrology always has to have some sort of new doomy prognostication of doom Climate change may make trees live fast and die young Everyone from governments to oil companies is looking at tree-planting as a way to counter global warming, but this strategy could be less effective than we thought. […]

If All You See…

…is late season heat snow due to Other People grilling burgers, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is The People’s Cube, with a post on Dems being stranded on pieces of melting narrative.

Gun Grabber Kamala Harris Plans To Ban Import Of Scary Looking Rifles

Every Democrat running has to pander heavily to the base, and pander she shall Kamala Harris wants ban on importing AR-15-style assault weapons Kamala Harris wants to ban the importation of AR-15-style assault weapons by executive action if elected president. On Wednesday, the Democratic senator from California is set to detail her proposal to stop […]

Say, Is ‘Climate Change’ Causing Problems With Home Values Near The Sea?

Spoiler alert: no, it isn’t Are Coastal Home Values Feeling Drag of Climate Change? For sale: waterfront property with sweeping views of the Atlantic Ocean. Waves erode beach regularly. Flooding gets worse every year. Saltwater damage to lawn. Asking price: anyone’s guess. Some research suggests rising sea levels and flooding brought by global warming are […]

GOP Amps Up Attack On Tlaib’s Anti-Israel Comments

What level is “amp up”? Pouncing? Seizing? Respond? And what would the defense of an Israel hater be called? Republicans amp up attacks on Tlaib’s Holocaust comments The war of words over race and anti-Semitism is heating up on Capitol Hill, where lawmakers in both parties launched new salvos Tuesday in the escalating uproar over […]

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