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Democrats Are Super Excited Over Triumphant Victory On ‘Climate Change’ Or Something

Remember, the Democrats passed their silly climate legislation which was beat down by many Cult of Climastrology groups as being worthless/not doing nearly enough. Also, remember that Democrats did not want to vote on Obama’s Paris Climate Agreement Exciting news for our planet and future generations: @HouseDemocrats passed #HR9, the first climate change bill in […]

If All You See…

…is horrible hazy carbon pollution, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Powerline, with a post on Omar doing her Blame America First schtick. There’s a double shot of, arguably, Chile’s most famous hotty export, Cote de Pablo, below the fold, so, check out The Daley Gator, with a post […]

Adults Need To Stop Tweeting And Start Acting On ‘Climate Change’ Or Something

Kids who cannot live in a world without social media and smartphones are Upset ‘We need to get adults to stop Tweeting and start acting’ Friday afternoon, Albuquerque middle and high school students took over a corner of the University of New Mexico’s Johnson Field—and then a busy intersection nearby—to demand action on climate change. […]

Rep. Jody Hice Attempts To Force House Vote On Green New Deal

Hey, if Green New Deal co-sponsor Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez won’t demand a vote on her own resolution, someone has to House Republican moves to force vote on Green New Deal GOP Rep. Jody Hice (Ga.) on Wednesday introduced a discharge petition aimed at circumventing Democratic leadership and forcing a vote on the progressive-backed Green New Deal. […]

Washington Post Wonders If Trump Economy Is Too Good To Be True

Buckle your seatbelts, Heather Long of the Washington Post is looking for a way to downgrade the Trump economy Is this economy too good to be true? The U.S. economy again defied expectations in April, as another month of strong hiring and falling unemployment forced experts to reevaluate just how good the economy can get […]

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