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Guy Whose Company Has Massive Carbon Footprint Says His Generation Has Failed On ‘Climate Change’

So, hey, I’m wondering if Tim Cook will give up his own massive carbon footprint Tim Cook: My generation has failed in climate change debate Apple CEO Tim Cook says his generation failed on climate change. “We spent too much time debating,” Cook told Tulane University graduates during a commencement speech in New Orleans on […]

If All You See…

…is a hill drying out due to carbon pollution, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Wizbang, with a post on pervasive spying by the previous administration.

Shellshocked ‘Climate Change’ Groups Remain Resolute In Australia Or Something

At what point do they realize that they’re beliefs may be popular in theory, but not practice? After the climate election: shellshocked green groups remain resolute The environmental movement drew first blood on election night by helping independent Zali Steggall oust Tony Abbott but, in the end, the Coalition – which rated a miserable 4% on the Australian […]

Who’s Up For Some “Green” Union Jobs?

It’s always interesting how the so-called science issue of ‘climate change’ ends up being mostly about left-wing politics, eh? New York aims to fight climate change by creating green union jobs As global warming has worsened in recent years, environmentalists and union members have often protested against each other, whether over fracking, oil pipelines, coal […]

NY Times Suddenly Concerned Over Presidential Pardons

Let’s face it, all presidents in the modern era have used pardons that left people shaking their heads. You can find lots of examples for Republicans and Democrats. But, have you heard the NY Times Editorial Board complain? Well, that’s because Trump is now in office The President and His Power to Pardon The Constitution assigns to […]

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