Shellshocked ‘Climate Change’ Groups Remain Resolute In Australia Or Something

At what point do they realize that they’re beliefs may be popular in theory, but not practice?

After the climate election: shellshocked green groups remain resolute

The environmental movement drew first blood on election night by helping independent Zali Steggall oust Tony Abbott but, in the end, the Coalition – which rated a miserable 4% on the Australian Conservation Foundation’sclimate change scorecard – won.

After the unexpected result environmentalists have questioned whether their campaign tactics need revision or whether the progressive side of politics was let down by other factors.

The Australian Conservation Foundation chief executive, Kelly O’Shanassy, told Guardian Australia climate “was definitely a top issue in the election … but it didn’t convert to votes in all the places it needed to”.

It rarely does. Again, Labor was utterly destroyed in 2012 in the Queenland elections. You see high profile Warmist initiatives and politicians losing around the world. When given a chance to vote on ‘climate change’ policies, the People more often vote against them than for them, especially when those policies have been in place and people realize that they hurt their own lives.

But, hey, Warmist groups are attempting to spin their loss

Peter McCallum, the coordinator of the Mackay Conservation Group, rejects the suggestion, noting the LNP had made gains in places with no stake in coalmining, like Tasmania and Western Australia.

But he said the “lie” that Labor would shut down the coal industry pushed by Clive Palmer and News Corp had hurt.

O’Shanassy said the “myth” that there is a binary choice between jobs and the economy is persistent and was “a very strong part of the Coalition campaign”.

But there were “too many moving parts” in the campaign to say that high-profile tactics like the Stop Adani convoy may have contributed to the disappointing result.

O’Shanassy cites the Coalition’s negative campaign on tax, Bill Shorten’s unpopularity and Palmer injecting “millions and millions of dollars” into the campaign as other possible causes.

See, it wasn’t really that they lost, it was just all lies and those pesky Queensland people. And money! Because the pro-climate crazies didn’t poor tons of money into their own elections, right? Right?

“Climate change is complex issue and people are confused by it and where the parties stand – it’s up to the ACF to help Australians understand that better,” O’Shanassy said.

O’Shanassy said the ACF will also need to “learn and adapt” and “seriously consider our strategies” but she believes rising concern about climate, particularly among the young, makes action inevitable.

“We must continue to build people power – there’s no way we’re going to move politics unless people demand it.”

In other words, they aren’t giving up on what doesn’t work. They’ll continue with their doomy prognostications and demanding of policies that increase citizen’s cost of living and remove liberty, while taking over even more of the private sector, the energy sector, and making government bigger and bigger.

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One Response to “Shellshocked ‘Climate Change’ Groups Remain Resolute In Australia Or Something”

  1. Professor Hale says:

    Of course they are resolute. It’s their paycheck. Left wing activism is a crowded career field. They can’t just give up and expect to get jobs somewhere else. Putting that on your resume is especially a career killer if you are trying to get a real job creating stuff.

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