We Can Stop ‘Climate Change’ And Make The World A Better Place Or Something

It’s interesting that Cult of Climastrology moppets always go to the same well, and think that it will somehow not ruin people’s lives. Here we have Rick Stafford in phys.org

How to stop climate change: six ways to make the world a better place

Nobel Peace Prize nominee Greta Thunberg claims we need system change to save the planet, and the majority of experts, from the IPCC, through to our own research, would certainly agree with this.

But for most people, it often isn’t clear what changes actually need to be made to address . And ideas that are presented can be seem as extreme to some. This is despite the fact that many experts agree that to really tackle , the focus needs to be on changing the capitalist system to make it more environment-friendly.

Yeah, let’s listen to the child blowing off school (and taking fossil fueled trips). Anyhow, here are the 6 ideas

1. Less focus on economic growth

The suggestion that GDP is a good measure of a country’s progress has been frequently challenged. To achieve growth, we consume more products, these products need raw materials and energy to produce – and often result in excessive waste when they are disposed of. Hence pursuit of  drives a wasteful use of scarce resources.

Achieving growth isn’t necessarily bad – but focusing solely on growth is. it prevents many other important strategies being put in place, even if they are actually beneficial for the majority of society. As economist Kate Raworth states, we need to be “agnostic about economic growth” and embrace other measures of societal well-being, such as the Human Development Indexand Genuine Progress Indicator, which combine financial gains with non-market benefits – such as human health and reduced environmental degradation.

Well, if we implemented all the CoC ideas, we’d have no economic growth, the systems would collapse, so, sure, a good idea to not focus on it.

  • Higher taxes and subsidised transport (surprise?)
  • Work less (“Less commuting to work, more time to cook healthy food and more time to take holidays, without the need for flying. The reduction in household income…”
  • Think locally (good luck with getting all your Avacados and fancy pants coffee locally)
  • Learn about nature and look after it (climatic changes, regardless of causation, have nothing to do with nature, because they’ve always happened)
  • Don’t just rely on technology (yeah, they want you to change your lifestyle. Funny they never change their own.)

You might wonder why I highlight these types of stories a lot. Well, it needs to be pointed out again and again what the CoC really wants, and that this has almost nothing to do with science.

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3 Responses to “We Can Stop ‘Climate Change’ And Make The World A Better Place Or Something”

  1. Mangoldielocks says:

    No we cannot stop climate change. It has already been determined that we are too late. AOC says we have 12 years.

    Not to be outdone:


    But he has a 5 trillion dollar solution that will take 40 years to complete.

    LOOLOLOLOLOLOL…..Climate SCAM keeps getting more and more delirious. By election day we will have mere weeks and only electing (Insert democratic Candidate) will we narrowly escape doom.

  2. Mangoldielocks says:

    In every sense of the democrats reality they have only one plank in their platform. GET TRUMP.

    The DCCC has been boycotted by the College campus young Americans. DCCC is a political group who has made a ruling that if anyone primaries a sitting Democratic candidate anyone(ANYONE) who helps said candidate will become persona non gratis and never work for anyone in DC again. Or at least the establishment.

    People(progressives by their own admissions) on YouTube are blaming CNN for the failed coup in Venezuela and of course the CIA. They hate banks, corporations and the clip of Jimmy Dore showing how he hates MSNBC and Rachael Maddow was telling.

    Other clips show CNN trying to get Swalwell to drop out of the race by dragging him thru the mud like he was Trump instead of a Democrat.

    What people on the left fail to realize is that 95 percent of all TRADITIONAL NEWS AND MEDIA OUTLETS ARE OWNED BY SIX CORPORATIONS. Those corporations have a vested interest to protect and yet the left has crawled smack dab into bed with all 6 of them and do their bidding.

    DISNEY LIED TO AMERICANS about Captain Marvel simply because it was an SJW movie in which there is zero doubt Disney and others were buying up tickets by the bushel basket and bussing GIRLS to the Captain Marvel Movie. It was such a disaster for them anyone not seeing Avengers endgame…spoiler alert stop reading……..Avengers end game was supposed to include Brie Larson a lot in the movie, instead the company filmed two versions her with a lot and her with little time on screen. They opted for little time on the screen which actually made Endgame a shitty movie in the fact they ended up edited out huge portions of her because of the community backlash over SJW.

    The left has gone insane. They are fighting among themselves now its gotten so bad. Captain Marvel is but an example. Video games have been swept up in SJW. New games feature a GIRL as the main character when 95 percent of all gaming is done by BOYS. THIS…is one of the many reasons why the new GEN Z is growing up more conservative….They are being forced fed SJW.

    We are being force FED AGW and the world is rebelling. Not just in America but all around the world.

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