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Bummer: Global Temps Might Possibly Maybe Blow Past Paris Climate Agreement Limit Within 5 Years

I should put a reminder on this post for 5 years to see if it comes to pass Global temperatures could pass limit set by Paris climate deal within 5 years Global temperatures could surpass a limit set by the Paris climate agreement within the next five years, according to a new forecast by British […]

If All You See…

…is an evil music player sucking up vast amounts of energy, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Ice Age Now, with a post on record snowfall in Moscow.

Cult Of Climastrology: Cooling Sun Could Offset Warming By Mankind

Could this become the next talking point from the CoC? Remember, many of them blamed natural variation for the Great Pause (when they admitted that it actually existed). Many of them blame natural variation when their prognostications fail to materialize. And there are many scientists, and, let’s admit it, some skeptic prognosticators, who are saying […]

Canadian P.M. Trudeau Interrupts, Mansplains To Woman Over Use Of “Mankind”

Usually, when feminists hear that a man has mansplained something to a woman, they become apoplectic. In this case, they all cheered (Fox News) Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau corrected a woman on her language when she asked a question during a town hall Friday. The unidentified woman asked Trudeau whether the Canadian government could […]

Citizenship Question Causes Uncertainty On Census Or Something

Some people are pretty upset that a question will ask if people are citizens (The Hill) Uncertainly is swirling over whether the Census Bureau will be able to get an accurate population count for the 2020 census, as the agency considers a Department of Justice (DOJ) request to add a controversial question about citizenship status […]

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