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NY Times Thinks We’re Living In A Mad Max ‘Climate Change’ World

Did you know there’s a reason there aren’t any good ‘climate change’ movies? It’s Oscar season, and Hollywood is abuzz with chatter about the year’s best flicks, which include films about poverty, racism and war. Not mentioned by prognosticators is 2017’s one big movie about climate change, Geostorm, a sci-fi thriller so thin on story, drama and spectacle, it earned […]

If All You See…

…is the flag of a big carbon polluting nation causing everything to dry out, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Proof Positive, with a post on King family approved ad offending the easily Offended.

Today’s Hottest Of Hot Takes

Scorching (via Twitchy) When white supremacy realizes it’s not invincible pic.twitter.com/iFrhUgrtNi — Daniel José Camacho (@DanielJCamacho) February 5, 2018 Beaten by a, get this, white QB. Both teams have majority Black players. Eh, why bother, some people are just wankers. BTW, as a Giants fan, I despise the Eagles. But, damned if they didn’t put […]

Apparently, Male Warmists Think Female Warmists Are Hothouse Flowers

Politics is a dirty, nasty business. If you don’t know that, or if you do not want to be attacked, then you should stay out of it. It’s always been this way. ‘Climate change’ is really all about politics, and it seems that male Warmists think their women folk aren’t strong enough to be involved […]

Bummer: Trump Looks To Slash DOE Programs For Renewable Energy, Puts Us On The Ropes Or Something

This has made Warmists very upset, because Gaia forbid they spend their own money on these things Trump’s cuts to renewable energy put us on the ropes in the fight against climate change News that the Trump administration is poised to ask Congress for deep budget cuts to the Energy Department’s renewable energy and energy efficiency programs has thus […]

McCain, Coons, Set To Release Amnesty Plan

You never know what you’ll get with John McCain. One day he’s an immigration hawk, such as when he was running for President or Senate re-election in 2010 (when he said to “complete the danged fence” across Arizona), the next he’s pushing for amnesty for illegal aliens with no offsetting border security. This is the […]

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