Daily Archives: February 15, 2018

Climate (scam) Scientists Have Grim New Warning Or Something

Don’t they always have some sort of grim new warning? Or grim warning based on talking points that haven’t yet appeared but Totally Will Any Day Now? Scientists Just Issued a Grim New Warning on Climate Change: ‘We Are Not Prepared’ New research shows that countries around the world are falling short of greenhouse gas […]

Super New Warmist Idea: Carbon Neutral Mortgage

But, should Warmists actually be buying homes? Perhaps a tiny home (I actually love watching those tiny home shows. The end product is pretty cool), but, say, anything over 700 square feet certainly is a no no. First-Ever Carbon Neutral Mortgage Allows [Stupid] Borrowers to Offset Footprint of Home Ownership https://t.co/Xq6qLMd1Al — Tom Nelson (@tan123) […]

In Wake Of Florida School Shooting, Gun Grabbers Immediately Call For Grabbing Guns

The bodies of the the kids and adults murdered (murder is illegal) at a school in Parkland, Florida weren’t even cool when the Usual Suspects started clamoring for gun control. NBA coach Steve Kerr (who is protected by armed security) had a meltdown. Chelsea Handler (also protected by armed security on-set) railed against the NRA. […]

Squishy Senators Reach Bipartisan Agreement On Amnesty Bill

In essence, this is almost the same as the Gang Of Eight amnesty bill, in that “Dreamers” are given a pathway to citizenship in exchange for almost nothing when it comes to border security. Thanks, squishy Republicans Senators Strike Bipartisan Deal on Immigration Despite Veto Threat A broad bipartisan group of senators reached agreement Wednesday […]

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