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Bummer: Networks Spent Very Little Time On A Subject Most People Don’t Care About

Perhaps if the Credentialed Media wasn’t spending all their time on Russia Russia Russia and #Resist, they’d have time to cover a subject few people actually care enough about to make changes in their own lives Networks spent 260 minutes on ‘climate change’ in 2017. Most of it was actually about Trump. Last year’s weather […]

If All You See…

…is a horrible evil fossil fueled vehicle causing heat snow, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is The Daley Gator, with a post on a Jeep ad causing Offendenitis. Since the above failed to post yesterday, and I didn’t notice till late (was out on the links), a second blog […]

The “Warming Hole” In The South Is ‘Climate Change’ Or Something

And the cold weather means people aren’t going to Believe in anthropogenic climate change atmosphere cancer Snow-covered beaches? Chilly iguanas? They are part of a mysterious ‘hole’ in global warming Frigid iguanas in Florida. Snowball fights on North Carolina’s beaches. Recent winters have delivered a bitter chill to the Southeast, reinforcing attitudes among some that […]

All DACA Plans Fail, Leaving Plight Of Dreamers In The Air

Let’s start deporting them and put American citizens first (NPR) The Senate failed to pass any immigration legislation before a self-imposed Friday deadline, leaving lawmakers with no plan to address the roughly 700,000 immigrants who stand to lose legal protections as early as March 5. The defeat follows a rocky 24 hours of negotiations on […]

So, Of Course The Washington Post Is Calling For The Ban Of “Weapons Of War”

This is all they know how to do. This is what they want to do. Ban “assault weapons”, then move on to banning other weapons and ownership. Because it works well in California and Chicago Ban these weapons of war …. That the suspected 19-year-old gunman in the Florida shooting was able to legally purchase an […]

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