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If All You See…

…is a wonderful low carbon bicycle, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is This ain’t Hell…, with a post on your Monday feel good stories.

We Can Totally Stop ‘Climate Change’ By Giving Girls Birth Control

Wired’s Robin George Andrews thinks she totally has the solution to fixing this whole (made up) issue TO STOP CLIMATE CHANGE, EDUCATE GIRLS AND GIVE THEM BIRTH CONTROL CLIMATE CHANGE IS a ubiquitous hydra, a many-headed beast that affects everyone and everything in some form. Solutions to climate change range from the effective and the […]

Focus On Dreamers Is Breeding Resentment From Other Illegal Aliens Or Something

The other illegal aliens do have a point: why should there be a focus on the DACA kids? What makes them so special? But, then again, they’re all illegal, and should be deported Focus on Dreamers breeds resentment from other immigrants here illegally Ever since Sam Paredes crossed into the U.S. illegally from Mexico nearly […]

Democrat Talking Point: Russia Russia Russia Is Like Pearl Harbor And 9/11

Apparently, a talking point bulletin went out on recently to compare Russia placing a few ads and having some Twitter trolls as the worst ever. I caught this idiotic opinion piece by the Washington Post’s Max Boot late in the afternoon Trump is ignoring the worst attack on America since 9/11 Imagine if, after 9/11, […]

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