Bummer: Networks Spent Very Little Time On A Subject Most People Don’t Care About

Perhaps if the Credentialed Media wasn’t spending all their time on Russia Russia Russia and #Resist, they’d have time to cover a subject few people actually care enough about to make changes in their own lives

Networks spent 260 minutes on ‘climate change’ in 2017. Most of it was actually about Trump.

Last year’s weather was among the most extreme on record. Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria devastated U.S. states and territories and will cost homeowners, business and taxpayers $265 billion. Add on the damage from California’s biggest wildfires in state history and no fewer than 12 other billion-dollar disasters, and 2017 was the costliest weather year on record, according to NOAA.

Operative word: weather. Weather isn’t climate. Except when Warmists want to try and make a (scam) point

Climate scientists agree global warming is playing a role in our weather. It’s making storms, droughts and floods more extreme. Amid the chaos, the Trump administration itself issued a report last year that said not only is climate change affecting our weather but also there’s no other explanation for climate change than we (humans) are to blame.

If that were the case, one would think the Washington Post would stop killing trees to make its paper edition and stop using fossil fueled vehicles to deliver it. Anyhow, here it comes

Despite all this, network news largely took a pass on covering climate change in 2017, according to new analysis by the liberal watchdog group Media Matters for America. Corporate news networks aired six segments that mentioned the link between extreme weather and climate change. PBS, which is nonprofit, aired nine segments alone.

Perhaps the bigger takeaway from the analysis was that, even when climate change was mentioned, Trump was the subject that dominated the news last year. Networks devoted 260 minutes to climate change in 2017, but nearly all of it was in relation to President Trump and his administration’s actions on the issue, something Media Matters calls “a major oversight in a year when weather disasters killed hundreds of Americans, displaced hundreds of thousands more, and cost the economy in excess of $300 billion.”

To be clear, the 260-minute tally is the combined corporate network coverage of climate change; the survey includes ABC, CBS, and NBC evening news and Sunday morning programs, as well as “Fox News Sunday,” which airs on both the Fox network stations and Fox News cable station.

And the majority of that coverage was focused on the Trump admin and Hotcoldwetdry. Really, most do not care. It’s a dying cult, one devoid of facts and science.

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  1. Stosh says:

    The problem is the MSM hits their daily quota for Fake News and lies before Globull-Warming is considered.

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