NY Times Thinks We’re Living In A Mad Max ‘Climate Change’ World

Did you know there’s a reason there aren’t any good ‘climate change’ movies?

It’s Oscar season, and Hollywood is abuzz with chatter about the year’s best flicks, which include films about poverty, racism and war. Not mentioned by prognosticators is 2017’s one big movie about climate change, Geostorm, a sci-fi thriller so thin on story, drama and spectacle, it earned a rating of just 13% on Rotten Tomatoes.

It’s hard to make a good movie, but it seems especially hard to make a good movie about climate change. There are plenty of great documentaries about the carbon crisis — Chasing Coral, The Age of Consequences, An Inconvenient Sequel, to name three released in just the last year — but Hollywood has yet to produce a top-rate drama that is explicitly about global warming. That’s at least partly because climate change doesn’t fit into the blockbuster mold. To understand why, take a look at Star Wars.

Basically, the reasoning is that ‘climate change’ makes a bad villain, and it’s boring as hell. Not mentioned is that most people do not care, and do not want to pay to see a movie pushed by nutty people who are nutty nutters nuttering. Which leads to

The article doesn’t get any better, as you can well imagine. That said, it would be best to encourage Warmists to have no children, that way they aren’t teaching the next generation their insane Beliefs.

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One Response to “NY Times Thinks We’re Living In A Mad Max ‘Climate Change’ World”

  1. Trish says:

    I believe they shouldn’t procreate either. It would be the best news we could ever hope for.

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