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If You Really Care About ‘Climate Change’, You’ll Boycott Earth Hour

Hey, it’s not me saying this, it’s uber-Warmist Adam McGibbon If you really care about climate change, you should boycott the ridiculous Earth Hour stunt I am an environmentalist. For my whole adult life I have protested, campaigned, helped to elect climate-savvy politicians and worked hard on what I see as the cause of my […]

If All You See…

…is pond that will soon either dry up or flood from carbon pollution, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is The People’s Cube, with a post on Terror Response Bingo.

Hotcoldwetdry Will Cause More Snake Bites Or Something

The only way to stop this is with higher taxation, you know Bummer: Trace CO2 might cause "hundreds of thousands" of snakebite deaths https://t.co/hfsoZHhiKe — Tom Nelson (@TomANelson) March 23, 2017 Another reason to act now on climate change: snakes! https://t.co/wVGOtIcgZQ @NerdyChristie pic.twitter.com/iNExFPhXz3 — Discover Magazine (@DiscoverMag) March 22, 2017 From the fable And as […]

Supposed Deal Between Freedom Caucus And Trump Proves There Is No Real Obamacare Repeal

Since the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, ie, Obamacare, was passed, Republicans have promised to repeal it in full. That’s why they were elected in a wave to the House in 2010. We were promised this in 2012, 2014, and 2016, adding on “replace” as Ocare took effect. The Ryan “Trumpcare” bill is supposed […]

NY Times Is Very Upset That Trump Is Naming And Shaming Cities That Release (Convicted Criminal) Illegal Aliens

Yesterday I discussed the new report that ICE will be releasing weekly that will show which cities and counties refused detainers on illegal aliens in custody from ICE, meaning that they were let go rather than temporarily held. These are not good people. Every single one of them on the list were convicted of a […]

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