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Maldives Suddenly Realizes That ‘Climate Change’ Belief Doesn’t Pay

The heck you say! (Climate Central)  When Mohamed Nasheed, the young, first democratically elected president of the Maldives, said in 2008 that he was seeking to buy a new homeland to save his people from being inundated by rising sea levels, it made the country of 1,200 coral islands the moral leader in the UN climate […]

If All You See…

…is an evil gas fired stove spewing out carbon pollution, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Goodstuffs Cyber World, with a post on Trump’s allegation of wiretapping.

Bummer: California Won’t Meet It’s Climate Goals Unless People Are Forced To Live Like Rats In Warrens

Well, now, this is interesting California won’t meet its climate change goals without a lot more housing density in its cities To meet the bold new climate change goals put in place last year, California will work to put millions of electric cars on the road, revolutionize its dairy industry and generate half of all […]

President Obama Was Apparently A Slave Driver Of Illegal Aliens

The Washington Post apparently thinks they’re pulling a big slap out of their pocket aimed squarely at President Trump, and as a way to stop his orders on illegal immigration. But, as the saying went while George W. Bush was president, and during the early years of the Obama admin when trying to Blame Bush, […]

NY Times: Say, Democrats Are Pretty Darned Sexist Towards Kellyanne Conway

In a surprising move, the NY Times, per writer Susan Chira, is appalled as she notices the sexism against Kellyanne Conway, which, quite frankly is the norm for the way Democrats treat Conservative women. In fairness, both sides can be nasty towards women, but, Democrats have always made it a point to patronize women and […]

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