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Get This: Women Dare To Be Upset That A Man Pretending To Be A Woman Won A Women’s Weightlifting Competition

As Ace notes, this type of thing is going to become more and more common. I’m waiting for the 3rd Wave Feminists to suddenly realize that people with dangley bits are suddenly beating biological women in sports competitions and that This Is Not Fair Transgender Weightlifter Wins Women’s Competition A transgender weightlifter who transitioned from […]

If All You See…

…is the need for a breathing mask from too much carbon pollution, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Small Dead Animals, with a post on key Democrats saying the base needs to cool it on Russia.

Liz Warren Has Meltdown Over Neil Gorsuch

We were pretty sure how Fauxcahontas was going to vote on Neil Gorsuch for the Supreme Court. She’s just making it clear with a whiny meltdown Neil Gorsuch does not belong on the Supreme Court WHEN JUSTICE Antonin Scalia died last year, giant corporations and their right-wing buddies spent millions of dollars to keep the […]

People Should Have Long, Complex Conversations On The Climate Ethics Of Having A Baby Or Something

Why yes, yes these people are deranged. Sadly, this is where the Cult of Climastrology is going, making people nutty I’m worried having a baby will make climate change worse Part of my motivation for becoming a climate scientist was my grave worries for our future and my desire to make a positive contribution. In […]

NY Times: There Needs To Be A Crackdown On Illegal Alien Employers

It’s hard to be sure what was going through the minds of the Editorial Board of the NY Times in calling for a crackdown of employers of those unlawfully present in the United States. Perhaps it was a typical kneejerk opposition to Donald Trump. Perhaps they’d been drinking too much. Regardless, once you get beyond […]

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