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North Carolina Lawmaker Looks To Investigate NCAA, ACC Over HB2

Hmm, now, this is an interesting turn of events. Let’s not forget that the NCAA, like many, many companies, held tournaments in Houston, Tx, which has a similar bill for the city when it comes to the gender confused. Let’s also not forget that the NCAA, ACC, and all sorts of companies, for all their […]

Trump Should Be Afraid Of These Climate Change Kids Or Something

A recent meme among Warmists over the past week is the notion that Donald Trump is going to have to deal with a lawsuit filed by a bunch of kids (meaning, of course, by interest groups using the kids as props) on Hotcoldwetdry, and it is a loopy lawsuit, proving that schools are unable to […]

If All You See…

…is an ocean that will soon rise up and swamp the land, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Victory Girls Blog, with a post on a disastrous Trumpcare promise.

Fewer Illegal Aliens Could Mean Fewer Homes Or Something

Once again, the Credentialed Media has conflated legal immigrants and migrant workers with those who are unlawfully present Fewer immigrants could mean fewer new homes For Stephan Sardone, owner of a Dallas-based home remodeling company, “a day without immigrants” last month meant a day without one of his subcontractors on a job in the city’s […]

Democrats Dive Into Conspiracy Theory Over Firing Of Preet Bharara

As you’re well aware, Democrats have become rather unhinged at Trump’s request that the remaining 40+ federal prosecutors resign, even though this is something presidents do, because these prosecutors serve at the pleasure of the president. Clinton asked them all to resign early on, as did Obama. There was no outcry from the Democrats or […]

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